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2004 Mini Game Contest has started!


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Hi there!


So many forums where this'd fit in: Contests, Programming, Events, etc... yet I opted for the Homebrew forum... ;)

(Al, a pointer, quick! The Speccy and Commodore guys aren't sleeping! :) )


Well, the categories this year are: 1K and 4K

And the deadline is: Sunday, August 29, 2004

And all other info goes here: http://www.ffd2.com/minigame/


Time to finish and submit Seawolf! :D




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OK, well, someone better get ready to be a Lynx sponsor. The attachment is actually further along than it looks, I'm up to 2K and don't think I'll have any trouble squeezing the game into 4k.


Yes, I know I still have another Lynx game to finish...I ran out of time running a small company, which I'm bailing out of, and trying to make up for lost time here. On Break I got to the point where I need to move to assembly for at least some of the work, so I figured the Minigame would be a good way to get up to speed.


Actually I think this game will actually be decent and might be worth expanding into a non-Mini game. But time will tell.


Anyhow, for right now I'll just be cagy about where I'm going with this. I'll put up instructions after the game is playable and complete, but I'm curious to see if anyone can figure it out before that.




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i haven't managed to register... anyone else?


so the public might see the game before deadline? so i can enter older games from me? even if they are from 1987?

Registering seems currently broken, so until it is fixed you can send your submissions directly to Steve. Or just wait until it is fixed.


Yes, IIRC the public will see most submissions before the deadline, but, to keep the votes uninfluenced, we won't start discussing (except for e.g. emulator problems) about them there until after the voting has ended.


Hm, 1987 is quite old, but: Why not? Maybe you could at least polish it a little bit.

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What about the ST?

IIRC it's limited to 8bit' date=' but you should check the rules.


Also, what is the language for the C64? I am thinking of getting into that.

Whatever you prefer.


What were some of the popular choices?


I'm sure most people started with the built-in BASIC, though that had only indirect-ish (or too directish, depending on your point of view) interaction w/ most of the powerful graphics and sound.


There was a nifty variation called Simon's BASIC that added the "missing" graphics and sound commands...still rather slow.


Of course, the hardcore stuff was done in good ol' 6502 Assembly...and there were hybrids. I know more than one COMPUTE!'s Gazette game was written in basic, with the fast passed bits as assembly subroutines.


Anything else get frequent exposure?


It might be too bad all I knew on the atari 8bits was BASIC and Logo. Never got around to using stuff like "Action!" which looked pretty cool.


And of course, my failure to learn C=64 assembly as a teen (got my butt kicked) is probably a great loss to all humanity. Or at least the 80s.

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Yeah, when are we going to see more??


Between the relative lag for the updates, and the way NO admin has responded to the problem where people can't change their profiles.... I'm kind of unhappy with the way its being run. I know what a pain in the butt that kind of admining can be, but still, you gotta be really dedicated to the care and maintenence of a server like that...

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