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FA: NES Rescue: The Embassy Mission proto with differences


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Betas are stolen property. With no exception.


Put it this way, think how many of those carts that we buy second hand etc..


How do we know if they haven't been stolen in the first place? :?:


Also these prototypes and betas may not have been stolen, Sometimes the

company just throws them out and people manage to salvage them.


Call that stolen if you will but this is the only way things like this are to be preserved

and the companies will probably be glad in the future people did so. ;)

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I'm still really surprised, I was still thinking it would be sniped at the last second (I don't count how many auctions I've lost this way...)


You know what ? I think it hasn't been spotted by ebay because PROTOTYPE is spelled PR0T0TYPE (two zeros and not two Os). and next lines mention [Prototype]. So I am nearly sure ebay is using word recognition software and they coudn't spot that one.

I'm not sure about this, but this is the easiest way and all the auctions I've been bidding on recently and which included the word prototype have been stopped. This is just a guess...


RedEye, I get your point. They are indeed stolen properties depending how we look at it. But years ago I worked for an arcade game company (which doesn't exist anymore) and they were just throwing all this stuff away, really. I saw bags of test boards being thrown in rubbish bins... And I don't feel bad when I say I kept some of this stuff but I don't really feel like stealing it...

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no problem redEye :)


I think ebay is just protecting 'todays' betas to be sold, before games are even released. And I think they put everything in the same bag. I think they keep it safe and I don't blame them :)

Also, they have recently been sued by a big brand because some people were selling fakes of that same brand on ebay... I think they are just protecting themselves.

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