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anyone seen this?


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Did you try flipping the wide one over? Maybe you put it in upside down?


it's to wide to even fit throught the dust protector on the console. i'll have to make some sort of adapter to see it it has anything on it. i'm just not sure when i'll be able to get around it. so many projects.......so little time.




When you say random lines, like how big are they? What colour are they?


it really looked like garbage, or at least that is what it seemed to me. jaggy white lines randomly moving around.

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I've seen that before. In the version I saw the number would increase at strange intervals and then eventually go back to 0 and start again. At the time I assumed it was some kind of tool for couting clock cycles, or some kind of diagnostic tool. I'm still not sure what it was, but I no longer have access to the 'prototype'.



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