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HSC1 R10: Missile Command!


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I hit about 149,000 in my first round so it's fairly easy to get good scores. But for some reason the missile angles and the smart missiles are throwing me off.


That's what I get for playing missile command in the 2600 HSC a few weeks ago. Both are different enough to throw me off.

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Yes, the Smart Missiles in this version are very smart an in some cases can CHEAT! Ive had smart missiles get so far down on the bottom that they can move left or right without me being able to launch a missile on them and they will hit the city - oh well, this is a good translation of the arcade game, though you wonder why they didnt put the additional elements in the smart missiles and satillites (eyes and such) - lazy lazy lazy ;)

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Thanks for adding a score. Silly me didn't take a snap shot because I know I can do much better. But for some reason this game is evading me. My score was a teeny bit higher but I don't remember the exact number. :dunce:


I think I got it almost down though. Used to be able to flip the score on this sucker.

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1. Aim well - This version has some wicked angles so dropping 2 - 3 missiles to cover your city is sometime necessary


2. Drop your missiles close to the smart bombs - they cant change course fast so if you can drop one in front of it they are toast. You also try the sandwich technique of 1 above and below to get them. Be careful since the smart bombs can perform some wicked adjustments in this version.


3. Obviously protect the city closest your missile base


4. If you can do this, this is what helped me get above 120K - Work on getting the missiles above half the screen - Once they get below the 50% mark its alot harder to deal with since they can do some wicked branching at any time.


Thats it - hope this helps :)

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168465 - Gonna make you work for it Shannon :)


You dog..


I think I managed to get my technique down so I should be able to make it past 100,000 more consistently. I kept on messing up on the stage with the yellow background and red smart missiles.


The smart missiles in this version are alot "smarter" than the 2600 version. The go "around" your missile fire rather than backing up, so you have to be REALLY accurate when hitting them.


The missile angle variety is alot higher so you have to be careful of this and when missile's split (this one gets me the most).


If your base gets hit, the recovery time is alot slower (than 2600 ver) so guard it the best you can. Try an hit as many smart missiles as you can (without sacrificing your cities) cause they be worth alot of points.


If you have a city on the far left or right in the higher cities, consider yourself lucky if you make it thru without losing it. These guys assault ya pretty hard, so guard the ones closer to your base more carefully.


If your good enough you can get pretty far with all six cities intact. Moves your score up quicker. Plus they never attack more than 3 at a time. So if your really, really, good try to keep 4 cities at a time. Believe it or not, I used to be able to do this. Must be getting old.


Everytime the wave changes color, the 1st wave in that new color is always shorter than normal. So be careful if you have one city and are not close to getting a new one. You wont have enough smart missiles to recover from a lost city.


That's about it. I almost got the hang of playing this with a gamepad.

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Actually I posted the score about 7 minutes earlier and had a game in progress at the time, but it ended rather abruptly, so then I went ahead and posted the picture.


I've actually been struggling to keep up with these HSC's.


Apparently my "week" schedule is not very compatible with them.



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Always a bridesmaid and never a bride :P


You made it by 1 min


That was close!


This week is over - congrats everyone


Yeah but I got a pretty good butt kicking on riverraid.


I wont stay on top for long, everybody is slowly inching up and it is only a matter of time.

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