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Attn: Breakpack, Bryede et. al. - 5200 PacMan memory loc.


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I recently spent a little time Searching through the 16K Pac Man rom for the 5200 with Hack-O-Matic (because I wanted to change the maze) and found some interesting memory locations:


1622-17ef: Pac Cartoon Graphics

3416-34af: Maze Permissions

3af0-3b95: In Game Characters

3c11: Blinky Color

3c12: Pinky Color

3c13: Inky Color

3c14: Clyde Color

3c15: Maze Color

3c18: Pac Color

3c27-3c39: Blue Time (for each board - starts w/ cherry)

3c3e-3c82: Score Characters

3d40-3d67: Pointer to Fruit Score Graphics

3e9c-3e9f: Direction Reversal?

3ec5-3edd: Fruit point value (for each board - starts w/ cherry)


With the maze permissions, each byte is '0000RLDU' and the first bit is set if the monsters cannot go up (just above the starting point, and just above the monster pen) You are pretty limited with what mazes you can create, as there are only 10 bytes per line with 10 lines.


The fruit points use 2 bytes, and they are divided by 100. (So the cherry value is 0000000000000001)


I have not been able to find the fruit characters. I check an old post where Nukey mentioned how they are stored, but the values don't match what he posted :( They were also nowhere to be found within the rom. Maybe he has a different dump?


Also, some possibilities (that I haven't figure out how they work yet):

3291-3298: Something about the dots and if they are edible

39fe: monster speed?

39de: Blue Speed?


I'm still trying to find where the dots are displayed, and where the maze is displayed so I can change it. I have printed out the disassembly from DIS6502, and am sifting through it.


I just thought some of you might have some fun with these memory locations :)

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Wow,it's been awhile since I hacked into it,but this brings up some interesting stuff( even though I dont know diddly,lol)I do remember last time I hacked it,I noticed the ghosts were seperated into 2 sprites.3/4 of the ghost make up a sprite( I guess thats the term used) and the legs make up another.Interesting thing is when the ghost sprites change (when eating a power pellet) the same 'leg' sprites are used. I changed the scared ghosts to look more like the ones in Pac-Man Plus,but the legs part never looked right, lol.Kool find though,and I just might whip out the ol hack and play around :)

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