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Minimalist Mario Contest!


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Ok, any classic gaming fan worth his/her salt can beat Super Mario Bros. for NES. But with how low of a score can you beat it? Thats right, my challenge for you is to beat Super Mario Bros. with the lowest possible score.


The rules:

0. Respond to the thread saying that you will be participating.

1. Warp zones are allowed.

2. You must post a picture of the final screen with your final score.

3. If two people post the same low score the one who posted first gets ranked higher.

4. The contest goes until July 11



The winner of this contest will recieve his/her choice of a complete in box mystery NES game or a complete in box mystery 2600 game.


Let the Mario minimalism begin!



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I won't be participating, but I can tell you that the lowest score you can get per level is 500, 400 for the flag and 50 each for leaving with 2 seconds left. If you leave with 1 second left, it will cost you 500 points because of the single firework that will shoot.


I wonder if anyone will be able to achieve a perfect score of 3000? :D

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Wow, I wish I had seen this contest before... I wanted to try it just for grins anyway...But, I found out my NES just died. Ever try duck hunt with a corrupted screen? You can still sorta see ducks! But they are behind random junk letters and numbers. :D



And that lack of viewable holes in Mario makes it that much harder. :ponder:


Chase Hermsen

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