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new ATARI collecter


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Hey yall im new at this use 2 play atari in the 80's and just got a 7800 this past weekend and 27 2600 games one 7800 game . So im looking for alot. I really want more 7800 games and i need a new 7800 jouystick and maybe a joypad where is the best place online to buy 7800 games and such besides ebay? And if your might know anywhere in NC that i could finde some let me know thanks.

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Here is a good place to look for 7800 games new/sealed www.atariclassic.com


Try here for other atari related items (very highly recommended) http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/


and there are plenty of other sites to buy atari items from Click on the links section to look for more online retail sites


And Welcome to Atariage


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