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HSC1 R12 Next Week


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I will be gone next week so I wont be able to run the contest - However Im thinking about doing something a bit different. Im proposing having Shamus as the game next week. Scoring will be as follows:


You may only submit 1 score to the post msg - that is your score (feel free to discuss strategy and such though :) )


Everyone who posts a score will get 1 pt


Highest Score posted Prior to Midnight EDT next Fri (5am on this board) will get 2 pts.


Whomever finishes all 4 mazes will get 5 bonus pts (therefore 7 pts is possible next week)


For those interested in finishing all 4 mazes can start today since it is a difficult task to accomplish this (I dont think any maps are available)


This will be played on the default difficulty (however I do have a online contest for videotape proof of completing the intermediate setting $50 ;) )


Anyone have any issues or disagreements with this for next week?

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Hmmm I finished the whole game way long time ago in another lifetime.


Doubt I could even come close now.


Revving up... vroom


Well at least you saved me the trouble of posting pics. I kinda overslept and so was in a rush to get ready for work.

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