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Thursday Quick Contest


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The first person to answer the following questions correctly, in this thread, will win:


"Chip's Challenge" and "Xybots" for the Atari Lynx!


1. The first commercial CD released in North America was launched in 1982. Who were the artist and title of that release?


2. Atari France released a "deluxe Lynx package" in 1991 that contained, amongst other things, a Lynx (model II), a copy of "California Games", a carrying pouch, an AC adaptor, and a comLynx cable.


Of all the screenshots of upcoming games illustrated on the "deluxe Lynx package" box, only one was never given a commercial release by Atari, and it remains unavailable to this date. What is the name of this game?

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1. "52nd Street" by Billy Joel  


2. GeoDuel


Yes, Geo Duel made a strange appearance on the side of the "deluxe Lynx package" box. Interestingly, the provided screenshot is different from any that I've yet seen, so perhaps Atari was closer to finishing this game than many have previously thought.


Congratulations -- once again -- Brett! PM me your address and I'll ship off these carts to you. You can have the boxes as well if you want, though I'm afraid that they're slightly squashed.

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