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  • 3 weeks later...

Ahhh... the spoils... After letting bcprs1 know what my choices were...


All "Music" purchases...

• Cabana EP+

• The Bad Method

• Binary Noiz Series "01"...


...all items were received within 3 days in a very professionally packaged and documented USPS box from AtariAge.


Besides the fact that the CD's are fantastic (anyone into dance/trance should buy these up now), everything about this order was well handled, packaged securely, and very commercially appealing. Anyone that has doubts about the quality or delivery of the AtariAge store should not doubt; The AtariAge store delivers!


And to bcprs1, thank you so much for this contest and the store credit. As soon as I can scrape up some bucks, I'm ready to order something myself... (like Pleides). :thumbsup:


ò¿ó   smiling_to_atariage.gif

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