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Tower Toppler???


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Originally posted by MayhemUK:

There are two stories about Starfox in the UK so I've heard. The one that sounds more plausible is that Ariolasoft released a game called Starfox for C64 back in 1987 (which I have), hence they changed the name as copyright was still in force.


And I'm not a new forum member here actually heh. Just you have to register now to be able to post. Been a "guest" before


Then what you mean is that your not new to the board BUT you are a new member since you just registered!

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Originally posted by liveinabin:

Yeah, but what I'm thinking is - they've hacked Nebulus/Tower Toppler and put their little candy chap in the game.

I know for a fact it was developed by Hewson in UK and first sold as Nebulus.


Well, in any case, it's a great game-especially on the 7800 (best version of all-wait till you see the under water levels-the most parallax scrolling and colors of any version!), so go get it grasshopper!!! Actually, if I remember correctly, I do believe the 7800 version was done by Hewson too! I'm pretty sure it says that on the title screen, I'll have to go double-check now.


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