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How good of a deal did i get?


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Hey yall just got Double Dragon and Tuchdown in the email today i got them off ebay for $6.26 and thats with shipping the labels on the carts are in kinda poor shape but the both play awsome! So i think i did really good to get them both for 6 bucks

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Well, Touchdown is fairly common. But Double Dragon on the 7800 isn't all that common. At least not so to the point that game would be cheap. Double Dragon with a crappy label would be a good deal at the $6 you paid for both. So basically you got a good deal on a 7800 used Double Dragon, and got Touchdown thrown in for free.

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Originally posted by Secret Quest:

The Double Dragon label is pretty cheap. Any white label like DD or Rampage are bound to be dirty from rubbing up against other carts.


Yup, and dont forget Water ski as well, when i opened up my Water Ski (white label) the top label had come loose, so i keep my white labeled games away from all the others now


And i still havent opened my Double Dragon game yet

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Yeah, both my DD and Rampage carts are dirty with both fingerprints from handling and other usual contact dirt. Plus, when I was younger and more curious than respectful of the carts, I drilled through the labels with a philips screwdriver (opening the carts by unscrewing the screw in the middle) to see what they looked like inside, so overall they look pretty sad. But they were cheap, cruddy B&W labels anyway...


You definately got a good deal.

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