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new senso 7800 dx version online!


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just minor changes esp new gfx for the bases...


it was a hard work to implement them mainly caused by undocumented source code which i havent touched for 4 weeks... ;=)





ps. colors still not fixed for NTSC...

pss. comments welcome for the base gfx. if you don't like them: send me yours: restrictions 40x48 pixels 3 colors. best is sending me BMP files. i can convert them. thanx! i have rom space left so i can include several shapes!!! send them to me! (excellent idea...)



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OK, I tried out the new version, and I can say that you are not accidentally switching to b/W mode or something. The shodows of the bases are always visible in full colour. But the other part of the bases turn black, once they have been buzzing. After that they stay black and only turn white, when the button is selected. Maybe you are messing up the palette value for the objects, when you try to change their colour?


Also the title screen still asks for the START button while expecting the SELECT button. And the game screen asks you to push the button to start a game, while it seems that you have to move the joystick to achive that.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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1st...yes i know about the start/reset issue

in the start screen (actually...this will be optimized and bugifxed at the end... knowing from our development crew that often these errors will be still in the main applikation... ;=))


2nd...the color thing drives me really mad... i increased the luminance but it seems that you can not live with that on real machines...


eckhard... send me an email and i could send you the dasm source... maybe i am stupid...


3rd... yes...fire to start is not implemented because the "fire"-pressing is still not working for me though you guys helped me. i dont know why... (but i know all will come be clear at the end...)


thanx & cheers guys!



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