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8k Atari Pac-Man

Nukey Shay

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The maze is going to be a real challenge. The program grabs some of it from data tables, some of it from ram, and some of it "hard coded" in the kernal itself. Take a look at the IF ColorDots lines in the assembly to see the parts I needed to change that are just dealing with the dots :P


Seems like the maze could have been done in less romspace if it was just all asymmetrical data! :lol:

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I dunno man.. the maze as sucky as it is, is kind of the single remaining factor tying it and making it recognizable as a modded 2600 Pacman.. which I think is a good thing.


I think if you're gonna change it then at least keep one version with the original maze and then do all the changes in another seperate build. :) Just mho

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What are the game settings?? - I think #2's the hardest (and the most fun). I had one monster follow me into the tunnel, which hardly happens when I played the original cart.


I also liked the way you fixed the sprite detection, I hated when you'd die if you just bumped a monster.


Keep working on it - theres a good game in here somewhere.

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What are the game settings?? - I think #2's the hardest (and the most fun).


Looked at the HTML docs - its "Game 6 is the most

difficult game variation. For a real challenge try Game 6 with

difficulty level A." Okayyyy but I like Game #2 because the ghosts can catch up quickly.


loved this quote:

"NOTE: Sometimes the ghosts try to hide behind each other, so they appear to be one single ghost chasing PAC-MAN."

no..just bad programming.

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Yeah...but the flicker would be worse. This game doesn't multiplex the sprites...and changing the game kernal to use it is really out of my league.

The scoring could be set to be the same (it already is, really...just divided by 10)...but the score would roll over sooner - so I was at odds of changing it.


Besides that, I'm already working on something more authentic :D

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Doesn't matter, since the score can only display 6 digits (3 copies for each of the 2 player sprites). It would be "easier" just to hack the score table...


;points tables
;last 2 digits(low byte)...

LFF06: .byte $20; $FF06 first monster

      .byte $40; $FF07 second monster

      .byte $80; $FF08 third monster

      .byte $60; $FF09 fourth monster

      .byte $01; $FF0A dot

      .byte $05; $FF0B energizer
;(high byte)...

LFF0C: .byte $00; $FF0C shared-"vitamin"(low), 1st monster(high)

LFF0D: .byte $00; $FF0D 2nd monster

      .byte $00; $FF0E 3rd monster

      .byte $01; $FF0F 4th monster

      .byte $00; $FF10 dot

      .byte $00; $FF11 energizer

      .byte $01; $FF12 "vitamin"


Since the high byte values are shared with table LFF0D, the table LFF0C would need to be moved to a free area (or shared with other data).

All this will accomplish is cause the score to roll over 10 times sooner ;)


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Yeah...the monsters can be made to change direction by XORing their current direction (what's down is up and what's left is right)...but additional routines would need to be added to double-check that they wouldn't be moving through a wall on the next frame.

PacMan facing to the right is a throwback to the original game...what is happening is that the sprite is flipped (the original game only had a character that faced one direction...and the program flipped it as needed). That instruction could be removed entirely.

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