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Anyone else notice 2600 Wings Proto found at DigitPress?


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IIRC those requests were sent to John and Sean.  I wouldn't expect you to give out the current years roms (although it has been proven time and time again that it doesn't affect sales), but the roms from CGE 2K2 and CGE2K3 still haven't been released.




I presume this is a request? If so, here's half of what you're looking for:



I'll get the other half for you too if that's what you're asking for.

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Some of the games released at CGE have been SOLD to offset our costs for running the Expo. Even so, the games eventually get dumped and released to the public, if not by us, then by mysterious strangers like "Pizza Boy". I'm pretty sure some of our past releases are available for free in a thread on these very forums, in fact.


Just for the record, you guys have not released any of the 2600 games you have SOLD at CGE 2001, 2002, or 2003. We released the binary to Elevator Action after CGE in 2001, but we were on better terms with you guys then and you didn't seem to mind that. However, last year when the three 2002 CGE releases were posted to our forum (eight months after your show), you guys immediately demanded that they be pulled down, even though you have no legal copyright claims to any of the games (although you like to make people feel otherwise) and already had ample time to profit handsomely from sales of the games.


Shortly after that, someone on your team retaliated by posting the ROM to "Revenge of the Apes" over on DP, a game which we started selling just a month before at PhillyClassic 4. This hurt Thomas Jentzsch, Paul Slocum, and Marc Oberhauser, people who have made many contributions to the hobby and worked hard to improve the original prototype and create a nice, boxed version of the game. Additionally, there was a threat that this same person would release the "Pleiades" and "Funky Fish" ROMs, which was a very obvious jab at us, and an empty threat, since we knew no one else had the ROM images for those games. Let's also not forget how Sean Kelly became enraged when someone posted the ROMs to the Atarisoft ColecoVision repro carts on another forum after they were sold at CGE one year.


Only now when you're being called to task publicly about these ROMs are you suddenly willing to honor Matt's "request". I'll save you the trouble regarding the 2003 ROMs, they are attached to this message. Matt is correct in his observation that if there's a profit to be had from selling a prototype, you will hold it hostage indefinitely. I'm also tired of you trying to make Matt out to be the bad person here. If you want to do that go do it in your own forum as you have done in the past.



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