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HSC1 R19: Summger Games - 2 Weeks


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Yesterday we held our monthly WGL meeting.


And we did a lot of scores.


My scores only if they are better then my recent scores.



Wizard 377.60

Mad Butscher 306.85

Sage 248.85

Grisu 237.40


4 x 100m

Sage 3:22.3

Mad Butscher 3:25.1

Grisu 3:26.8

Wizard 3:32.8


100 m Dash

Mad Butscher 07.34

Sage 07.49

Bunsen 08.18

Grisu 09.23

Wizard 10.95


Freestyle Relay

Bunsen 3:25.8

Wizard 3:26.3

Mad Butscher 3:33.2

Sage 3:46.7

Grisu 3:46.8


100m Swim

Wizard 49.5

Bunsen 50.3

Mad Butscher 52.7

Grisu 53.0

Sage 54.9



Mad Butscher 21

Grisu 19

Wizard 17

Sage 13


Screenshots - mmmh - too many. We played two rounds.

I think nicest scores were in 100m dash, so I send you the best of 100m.


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Congratulations to all who competed in the Summer Games event - I will update the final points totals on Monday but no one was able to catch Zone Ranger for the most points and Gold medals!


In case you didnt get my hints there was a prize for the winner of this event. Classics has been kind enough to donate a Summer Games Cartridge to the winner (pictured above) Great Job Zone Ranger and thanks for your Diving Tips - I expect some new world records now that you dont have to deal with Cartridge Swapping!!!!!!!!!


Please Contact Classics via PM to work through the details and THANK YOU Classics for offering up an awesome cartridge port!


If you dont know Classics, he has some great cartridge creations for the 800 and 5200. His work is professionally done and a great value!


Thanks again everyone!!!!!!!!!

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