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need a 7800 power cord


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I advise against using a 2600 power supply in the 7800. The 7800 draws a bit more power than the original 2600 power supply can handle. I would only use a 2600 power supply assuming you only play 2600 games on your 7800. But if you do actually play any 7800 games then you really should use a higher amperage adapter. The 2600 adapter is only 9 volts, .5 amps but the 7800 is 9 volts and a full 1 amp. I once used a 2600 power supply on a modified 7800 but after less than 5 minutes of play the 2600 power supply began to make a very loud and audible "BUZZ" also the power supply was too hot to touch comfortably. I recommend using a 5.5 mm barrel inline power plug and then using a Genesis model 1 power supply as that power supply is almost the exact voltage and amperage needed to power a 7800 safely.


Just my cautious recommendation.



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Yes (since I wrote the bit about the 7800 power overhaul in the FAQ), you can unsolder the unique two-prong plug from the PCB and wire in an 1/8" mono audio jack, then use a standard Atari power supply (9VDC, 500mA, center-positive). Yes, the 2600 is 500mA while the 7800 is 1000mA but the electronics rule is to not exceed the amperage rating; running under it won't kill you. I've been using a jerryrigged one for years, and have built three in the past & sold 'em in r.g.v.c without anyone ever complaining. I've never had the problems Crosbow has described with 2600 or 7800 games, even in the time-consuming ones such as Midnight Mutants -- but then again there were 3 flavors of 7800 and mine plays Activision & SuperCharger games whereas other people aren't so lucky, so YMMV.


Atari Master: Just hike into Radio Shack and get a power supply, they're not all that special. I recently bought a power supply for my Lynx there, and it required a little finagling: a size "I" plug is the right length and barrel diameter, but the inside diameter (where the pin goes in) is a little thick so I had to file out the inside with a needle file (also from RS). All is happy now.


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I won't state that the 2600 supply doesn;t work...because it does...but My old 2600 power supply circa 77' grey case...was buzzing loudly after playing some ballblazer for about an hour on it. The supply was almost to hot to the touch! It was then that Mitch suggested using a Genesis Model 1 power supply as it is rated at 10volts and 1amp. I modified one individuals 7800 with this setup and his is still working last I checked without any issues. BTW...that 7800 was also capable of playing Robot Tank, Decathalon, and Shuttle. I don't have a super charger but I have no reasone to think it wouldn't work as the Activision titles did.


I am only stating that from what I observed...the 7800 when in 7800 mode draws off more power than a power supply might be able to handle. It would really hurt the 7800, but it could shorten the life the supply and why risk it? Genesis Model 1 adapters are pretty numerous as well. You could use the smaller barrel in-line jack and use a Genesis 2 supply which can still be bought for new in most stores.

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