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HSC1 R20: Sea Dragon


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This weeks game will be Sea Dragon - I played this one to death also though I wasnt that good at it :)


Play on default settings


Attached are ROM and updated HSC Standings with improved color indicators ;)


Contest ends Midnight Friday EDT


Sea Dragon



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I found an issue with my game - specifically I was playing under PAL (damn sound demos :) ) and couldnt get out of the way of the mines - I changed back to NTSC and the game plays alot better - presume the attached exe I have is the NTSC release (if there was a PAL one??)


I checked the speed against the one I had on my 130XE




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I almost got to the end of the caves but alas not to be - I made it through the 2nd set of caves though when I died it started me back in those caves - This is one tough puppy to get through!


Of course getting far in the game doesnt translate into a high score ;)

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So here's my first score of the week, 21710.






How is it possible, that your version shows "Todd Solomon" as the Author and the Version Goochman posted is done by "Russ Wetmore" ?

I wonder if there are differences?



Forget this... I must have overseen the sentences above.

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I only got 4,100 in my first shot. (screenshot later)


I remember I used to do much better, but I've been busy the whole week,

any chance move the deadline a couple days more?


anyway this is a great title, pity I didnt have enough time for it.  :(


Yeah same here... one of my all time favorite games but I just have not had the energy to get to it this week.


Usually I try to sneak in a few when I get home, but I've been getting home too tired.

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