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Should I get a Jaguar?


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Hi everybody! Just found out this place has a message board. Been using this website (AtariAge) for reference for quite some time. Anyways, I was this close to getting a used Atari Jaguar, without the box and CD add-on, for $50. Should I get it, or do you guys know of a site that might sell some? And this place is pretty cool. I like talking about old stuff.

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First of all.... Welcome!


As for the Jag..... AFAIK you probably aren't gonna beat 50 bucks anywhere, at least not by much. That's about what a stripped down version will usually sell for on eBay.


I just got my first one in the mail yesterday.... but the games haven't arrived yet, so I'm just using it for decoration at the moment.

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Any place in Oklahoma, that you might know of, sell them?

That probably depends where you live in Oklahoma. You might have some luck in either Oklahoma City, or Tulsa, but forget anyplace else because it's bone dry. Thrift shops in this area have very little selection of consoles, or games.


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LOL! Wow, you guys must be really new to the Atari Jaguar. How refreshing!! I usually hang with people that are getting prototypes, rumoring prototypes that I will never see, etc.


You guys are going to love the Atari Jag. It doesn't have hundreds of games, but it has enough games to remain interesting. It is actually my main game system 1) to keep from going broke collecting video games so I stuck with only Atari 2) because it is just a fun system.


Well, you from Oklahoma, looks like you just missed the Oklahoma Gaming Expo...




Oh well... maybe you could contact some people from there.


For a slow going but generally informative board on Jag only, check out...




I've had a Jag since 1999 (bought new at Kaybee stores... it had been there a while...) :) Most of what I bought where on Ebay most of the time. Hit that JI2 link above, hit all the links at the top of the page. You'll get an idea of what is out there.


Catch you more later!!


Doctor Clu

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Hehe..no warehouses of games here...or else most of us would have known about it by now. There is Vintage Stock in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, plus a few other places in Arkansas and Missouri. However, they usually only get in Jag stuff on rare occasions, and usually charge Ebay pricing on the stuff they do get. They get used Jag games as well, but they seem to like to bundle most of the ones they get with the systems themselves.


We also have GameXchanges all around. I can honestly say that the two GameXchanges in Tulsa have never had any Jag stuff...but that doesn't mean they don't get it from time to time. Just have to be persistent and check out all the stores as often as you can.

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here is a nice lot, it had a bin of $150 - looks like a bin killer spotted it :D



would anyone else have used the bin? i would just love a jag cd box but thats all i would need out of that auction


I was going to use the BIN just for the boxed CD system and the games but that buyer killed it before I had the chance. this stuff always happens to me. :sad:

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I've heard of a place in Tulsa, or in that vicinity.  

Any of you guys might know what the store name is?

I've heard they still sell systems and games in their original box.

IDK, something like a warehouse full of classic systems and games...?


HAHAHAHAHA! Oh man, I wish!


As was already stated, Vintage Stock is pretty much your only hope for any Jag related stuff here in Tulsa, but even VS has Jag items only rarely.



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Welcome to the atari jaguar. I got one only a few months ago and I love it. I have 16 games so far and hope to track down some of the rare titles soon. I think you'll like the system as well because even today the games are still fun and most of the best on the system have aged well. Go for some of the exclusive games and try to avoid the stinkers. There may only be about 60 games for it, but there are about 25 I want that really stand out. People are still making games for it on the underground scene too, so new things are happening around here even though it's a dead system. I hope you like it as much as I do.

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