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Game Idea: Generic Girl Pinball 2600


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this is a concept i had for a game i wonder if anyone would pick up, called generic girl pinball..


it's akin gamewise, in possible design, to the pinballs like video pinball and midnight magic for 2600, but a bit more fun...


it's a concept about future grocery store employees (the female ones) who protect their assigned stores from shoplifters, shopping sacks gone bad, rival chains who follow not the code of good grocery, and bad produce come alive sometimes...



a pinball simulation with proper drop targets, spinners, lightups, bumpers, , etc your average pinball has.. even some rudimentary table art a 2600 could generate during gameplay.


it's a screenshot i took with my digital camera, while playing around with that tia paint thing, then colorized so you know where the flippers, drops, spinners, bumpers, etc should be if ever made.


pretty simplistic like the earliest of atari carts, but not beyond the realm of impossibility.


if anyone is looking for a new challenge in coding, here's one for you.


it's only pinball,




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