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In all this discussion of homebrews, I suggested that someone homebrew Black Widow. My question is this: Could the 7800 do an admireable job of emulating vector graphics? If so, then I would like to see the afforementioned Black Widow, Quantum and Tempest ported to it by a homebrewer...

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It's too bad that actual vector monitors have gone the way of the dodo. As there's just no way to REALLY get the true look of a vector monitor, not even Mame can do it. Take Asteroids for example. The actual arcade unit can take a single pixel (like the shots fired) and make it glow with maximum brightness. You just can't do that on a regular computer monitor.. at least not to just a single pixel etc


Having said that and in regards to your question. I don't see why not , I mean the 5200 pulled off a decent looking Tempest and look at the 2600 with the vector Asteroids So why not the 7800?

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The 7800 doesn't have enough RAM to simulate a vector display. You would have to provide a serious amound on the cartridge. Then it becomes a question of how much screen resolution and how many colours you would need to still be able to recognize the game.


The 7800 can do 320x200 pixels, but you would only get 3 colours plus background. In the 160x200 screen mode, you could get 12 colours plus background, but the addressing of the pixels is a bit wierd.


Also the more complex the display gets, the more processing power the DMA takes away from the processor. This can be important, if you want to do a vector game where a lot of stuff needs to be changed per frame.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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I love Black Widow and while I think it'd be cool to see a version on the 7800, I think for the reasons Eckhard stated that we're not going to see any vector conversions on the 7800 anytime soon. However, port that didn't try to duplicate the vector nature of the came could probably be done, but it wouldn't look quite the same.


I wasn't aware that Black Widow was a conversion of Gravitar. I have a Gravitar cabinet, along with a Space Duel board and control panel. I'll have to see if I can find a Black Widow board, panel and marquee for it.



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Here's a thought. Instead of doing a game that tries to simulate a vector display by drawing lines, how about instead using bitmaps that have that vector "look"?


I was under the impression that the 5200 Tempest did this. I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that it used sprites for the player and the enemies, and had a web drawn using standard bitmapped graphics, rather than attempting to calculate and draw each and every line on the screen individually. In other words, everything is drawn to mimic the appearance of a vector screen (at least as closely as a 320x192 raster screen could approximate it), but it's really all just a large bitmapped screen with several sprites, no different than Donkey Kong or Moon Patrol or Jungle Hunt. If that is the case with 5200 Tempest, then the same concept should easily be feasible on the 7800 hardware.


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