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Space Invaders Deluxe 8k

Nukey Shay

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Although the 4k version is considered to be complete (which it needs to be in order to play it on a Supercharger), I started hacking into the assembly again to try to work in the rainbow bonus visual display and the intermissions (SOS and Engine Trouble). The rainbow bonus is partially done - when you hit a low invader last, exclaimation points appear on the screen (though they do not fill the screen yet).

In addition, the saucers are now animated...and each invader row has a seperate bitmap pair.



Edit: click here for latest version.



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Um...do the intermissions appear after every wave in the arcade game? I can't remember if it's every one or every other. :?


Intermission kernal routine in place (it currently doesn't do anything but display a blank screen). Now I just need to add some GFX/text and sound :D

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Um...do the intermissions appear after every wave in the arcade game?  I can't remember if it's every one or every other. :?


Looks good so far. (Tried it via CC2.)


Where's NE1 to answer this question? He's our resident SI expert.

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BTW the screen rolls up by 1 scanline if a top invader is killed out of an even #'ed column. To see an example, shoot all the invaders out of the second column. When you hit the top one, the ground will bounce upward for a moment. That's one of the bugs in this that needs to be looked at.

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More like the sequel "Deluxe"/"II". In actuality, those games also featured splitting aliens, but I dunno how to work those in to the 6x6 layout (which is already wrong...as SI uses 5x11). The color bands are nearly correct...as well as the rainbow bonus (tho really, ONLY the first column should award the 1000 pts).

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The color has been corrected for the center invaders (so that the tips of their antenna are the same color). Also, the missile or UFO sounds were not being cleared during intermission...that has been fixed. The "bounce" has also been corrected.


In addition, I altered the scoring to use 5 digits :) (the game no longer uses 5-30 pts...but the arcade's 10-30 pts. depending on which type is hit).


It'll take a while to roll this one :D



Note: because the game currently has no way of clearing off those unchanging zeros, the game select will also display them for the game selection and number of players. Trying to correct that glitch.



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Another suggestion filled

Wow, Space Invaders Deluxe just gets better and better! :thumbsup:




I'm curious... had you thought about tinkering with Atarivox code for your hacks? Obviously these games didn't speak in the arcade, but the Atarivox hardware is pretty amazing/versatile; I'm convinced that it could reproduce the arcade effects for Hack'Em and Space Invaders Deluxe. Of course, I have no idea what kind of space the code requires...(?)


I think that the Atarivox holds a lot of potential for inspiring a new era of Atari game hacks. Besides the oft talked about Berzerk hack, voice improvements could also be made to other various arcade ports. Imagine Q*bert with his alien voice - "whooooooooh", Gorf - "prepare for annihilation, Space Cadet", Wizard of Wor - 'Worrior, while you developed science, we developed... HAHAHAHA". A while back I remember someone was going to hack the tarzan yell into Jungle Hunt and turn it into Jungle King; I think that the graphic modifications and color changes were all finished. I'm not sure what happened to this hack, but perhaps now with the aid of the Atarivox, that vision could be realized.


I'm sorry - I don't mean to derail or lead this thread astray. I realize you are probably already overwhelmed with proposed ideas and hack requests from others. I (like so many others) am a fan of your game hacks; I think that if anyone could tackle this type of hack, you could. :-)

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