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Who wants to help build the elusive PAL rarity list then?


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Two new ones for the database.

I can fix better pictures if necessary.


One Video Vision, Enduro.

And a new (to me anyway) pirate company called Samaku Fun. It's a multicart (see small switch in pic), two games, Ski and Sweet Home.

Haven't tested it yet so I don't know which games are on it.


Both carts belived to be PAL.






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That's the first time I see a picture of a Video Vision cart.

Australian, right?


The Samaku Fun cart is also very interesting.


Never seen it before.


Thanks for sharing, Frax.


Better front pictures/scans would be nice (together with your Bruce Lee cart).



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So how about it guys,how about adding Mystique(Not Playaround) Double Ender Bachelorette Party/Burning Desire to the PAL rarity guide,it should be an R10 as only Staberinde and myself are the only ones to own this rare cart that i know of.

I can provide scan if you need ...thanks

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Does anyone know where the Samaku Fun game came from? ;)


I found it, and the VV-cart, deeply hidden in an eBay action. Seller was from UK.

That's all I got. Will test it and dump it ASAP. If I can get the stupid dumper to work again :(




Did you ever get the dumper to work? ;)

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I still need to show you guys my latest addition to my collection:




Still shrinkwrapped but i'm probably going to open it and see if it's really PAL :)



I'm sure I'm not the first to notice but the box is different too. The PAL box does not have the "MYSTIQUE IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH ATARI, INC" on the very bottom..... just a newbie observation :)

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