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Who wants to help build the elusive PAL rarity list then?


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I have some CCE, Dynacom and others which were released here in south america, I could help with some cartidge scans and some titles which are not in the list by this companies. all 2600 carts.


Check the atarimania.com database first... chances are they are probably there.


Fancy car- silver cartidge with black letters (super 2600 cartridge and has a pac man in black)

River raid I - silver cartidge with black letters (super 2600 cartridge and has a pac man in black)

Skirunner (skiing) - front- 2 pictures and a wood simulating background- back- description of the game in spanish(not in the list)

corredor cosmico- super game cartridge(not in thr list)

sea monster- Dactar (not in the list)

pole position-edu juegos (has no cart scan)

demon attack- blue with picture of the game box and says imagic

laaser voley-picture of a pirate island

jungle hunt (Tarzan)- very cheep drawing in the front and says 50 hz

4 in 1- hero - pengo - beamrider- pitufo (has no cart scan)


I ll keep searching later, I have hundreds to check 1 by 1


Rom Hunter is the guy who will be happy to get your scans, you can add them to this thread: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/106723-scans-for-rom/page__st__1300

Sounds like you have some interesting stuff.

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I have about 52 brand new australian Pal games in boxes with manuals, how can I help this database, and how do i get a copy/see it :D

You can help me with donating scans that are not in the Atarimania database yet.


Here are all our Australian releases:



Would very much appreciate it if you can donate missing scans or replace our scans with better quality ones.



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I might be able to help? I have at least six games with different labels that I couldn't find on this site, like a copy Keystone Kapers by Salu LTD and my Venture game label is upside down and doesn't have a snake on it.


If you have any scans that are missing on Atarimania, please let me know:




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its strange. for some games, the cartridge is shown and for many others, the box appears, or the manual.


first i thought, its always the first pic from that folder, or data set, but seems thats not correct.

of course this list doesnt know, what pic is the cartridge pic, right?


i asked, cause 90% of the time, i receive or find offers with the cartridge only.


its an awesome database, not only by its big size.

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Its hard to hide being a collector, when you want to be a part of a forum like this, isnt it?


I like NTSC, PAL and SECAM.


All kinds of. All variatons.


about scans: I use them to check/learn about smallest diferences (variations) to my items, thats all.




what exactly are you looking for? PAL games and cart scans? I'd appreciate one more PAL collector in the community.



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