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HSC1 R25: Dig Dug


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C'mon gang- you really need strategies for this 20+ year-old classic?


If your referring to arcade strategies I can tell you right now, this aint your mothers dig dug. The similarities between the 5200 version and arcade are only rudimentary.


The collision detection is goofy, the monster ai is no where near correct and goofy as well. The left and right side of the screen have an entire row that cannot even be dug through. This one threw me off a couple times.


I'm used to good 'ol fashioned arcade dig dug tactics, and they just dont work here. Aside from graphics and scoring, it really does play different. Enough to not make it worth my time to try and beat the scores here.


Maybe if I'm lucky and can squeeze a few rounds in I'll get enough into a zone to match them, but it is hard resisting my normal dig dug reflexes.

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Goochman wrote:
we need a game played in the last week or so


Well, the week we played Gyruss (week 14) I submitted a 20 year old score & was accepted.


Goochman wrote:

welcome rj- post a score & you're in  :)


Oh!!! I didnt realize it........submissions for this contest are for games played during the time period.


This was stated in the rules waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back - No worries, just play new games for the future - ok?

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