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Krokodile Cartridge Label Contest - Winner Selected!


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Try to find the needle in the haysack!


My favorites are :

Justin's last three entries (very sleek, minimalist, wow)

Adam Gurno's first entry (looks like a Magazine add, very fashonable on a cart)

Claudio H. Picolo and Daniel Scott Jr (traditional, yes atari is 25 years old!)

Jason Parlee (you should try a couple more with the same rotated pitfall's crocodile with taking off the big K and the Mac font 2600. highly graphical, i love it)

And the two funnier ...

Nathan Strums and Manu Pärissnen


And the winner is...

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Thanks by the comments from Henry Lee and SS! :D


I expect with this design, make the user feel like using an 80's device instead of a 21st century one.


I think to change some texts line "programmable flash" to "programmable device"...


I was studiyng another design not so traditional, but probably I will not send it in time... I have a lot of works running this week... :(


But I am accepting suggestions...

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Sorry about the message repetion, computer bug, I think.  

and I badly spelled... Needle in a haystack, means that there are so many entries and a lot of them very nice. On my behalf, I am a little busy, even I send my last post 5 times. But I will try soon. Best of luck everybody!

Have you ever noticed how you can derive two meanings from one message based solely on your mood or attitude when you read it? Cutting to the chase - I read too much into your post. I thought the intention and motive was opposite, actually. I offer my apologies for trying to be "smart".


MoJo = :dunce:

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I've just posted 14 more labels submitted for the contest, from Renato Brito, Michael Matei, John McKechnie, Efren Ramirez, Alexius Wronka, and Adam Gurno. You can view the new and previous submissions here:


Krokodile Cart Label Contest Submissions


Remember, the contest ends Sunday night, so if you want to submit a label for the contest you only have two days left!



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Glad that I don't have to make the final selection.  So many good looking entries to choose from.  It won't be easy.


I agree, there are so many wonderful entries I wouldn't even know where to begin if I had to narrow it down to just ONE! I will have some input on the label chosen, but Armin has the final word. I'm glad that decision doesn't rest with me!!



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Just added another 16 (!) entries, from Jacob Rose, Martin Maldonado, Hernan Callo, Justin Scott, Philip Wood, Harvey deKleine, Greg Chabala, Efren Ramirez, Michael Matei, and Brett Northfield. That brings the total number of labels submited to 83! You can view the latest submissions here (sorted in reverse chronological order):


Krokodile Cartridge Label Contest Submissions


There's only an hour left for the contest deadline... :)



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My vote goes for Ronato Brito #7 or 8 for that attractive artwork perfect for a label and with a little suggestion of the old pac-man smile. It is nice to look at from far and close. I like the #5 and 6 because of the handle but the flush left title somehow hurts my eyes because everything is centered. A lot of entries with the ones I mentionned on my earlier post Therrrre GrrrreaT.

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