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It's a bird, it's a plane...nope, another lame game.

Cousin Vinnie

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Over at the Froo-Froo, Cousin Vinnie's pal Crossbow lended his talents to help eliminate the annoying task of reviewing all of the 7800 flight simulator games. This time, he took out F-18 Hornet below the knees and got a 15 yard penalty for a chop block. Oh well, thanks anyway Cross...


Cousin Vinnie http://www.bigfishusa.com/7800/f18hornetr.html

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CousinVinnie: I love your site: for about two years, I've been working on a similar site off and on and hopefully I'll have it up and running before the summer.


I realize reviews are subjective though I have to wonder why you gave CROSSBOW's graphics a 4.5 out of 5 but only gave ALIEN BRIGADE's graphics a 3.5 out of 5. When I compare the two, I find ALIEN BRIGADE's graphics are so superior there is no comparison. The colours are sharper in Alien Brigade, the sprites are less blocky, the backgrounds are much more detailed, the game scrolls and the cut scenes are well designed. Yes - the sprite animation can be jerky but I still found the game looked much better than CROSSBOW and most other 7800 titles.


Just my opinion.

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First off, I agree whole heartedly, Mark...but lemme tell you why the scores don't reflect my opinion on the two games:


There are two reviewers at Froo-Froo. The main one is Granny Vinnie, and the other is Crossbow. He has reviewed about 10 games, and one of those was Crossbow. You can tell who reviews what by the very first line on the page, and Crossbow's reviews have the very cool Crossbow icon at the bottom of the review.


I think our pal Crossbow was a little biased on reviewing the game that shares his nickname, but that's his right to do so. I also thought the Rampage scores were a little high, but again, that's why I like having more than one reviewer.


The reason to have the site is to promote the 7800, and the cool thing is that Crossbow enjoys and reviews alot of games I think are fair or bad. This way, the 7800's library appears stronger than it actually is. I personally would have given the game Crossbow a score of around 3.5 to 4.0, while the man Jesse (Crossbow) gave the game a 4.5 score. This again helps the system to appear stronger, and people may start collecting it and enjoying the system because of little nuances like that.


Crossbow's reviews are more technical and Granny's uses more humor. I like the difference.


The other reason I like having Crossbow help out is that he reviews games like F-18 Hornet...enough said. He also was kinder than I would have been to this game....hee hee


Cousin Vinnie

PS: We have about 18 games left to review! Which ones would you like to see Granny or Crossbow put through the review machine of love and hate?


Unreviewed games:

Baryard Blaster, Desert Falcon, Donkey Kong, DK Jr, Ikari Warriors, Impossible Mission, Joust, Kung Fu Master, Pole Position II, Pete Rose Baseball, Robotron, Sentinel, Summer Gammes, Super Huey, Tomcat F-14, Tank Command, Xevious...

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Something else that must be said...


I myself do not have a copy of Alien Brigade for personal review on my 7800 here. I have been on the lookout for this game for a long time. However, I never see 7800 stuff in the wild, which leaves only Ebay for me. The prices that Alien Brigade commands on Ebay are very much outta my league.


Besides I have been told by numerous others that AB for the 7800 is a waste of money for. Again, I can't make that assumption without a copy myself. I am sure that had I the game to review...I might change my opinion of some of my other games. At the time and still...I think that 7800 Crossbow is an excellent conversion and I have the graphics in that game to thank for making an A+ on a book writing project in english.


I stand by my decisions on the scores in the reviews.




I also have most of the games left to review. Personally I am on vacation this week and will be quite busy the next 2 weeks working out some classes I have to teach plus design the midterm for my students. I will most likely be doing F-14 next.

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