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Atari Master

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best used to sell em but they sold out.


They DO sell reconditioned units tho.


Page 163 Reconditioned Atari US CX7800 System. Comes with CX7800 Console (All in like New condition) with 2 New CX24 Slim Line Atari 7800 Joysticks, CX7800 Power Supply, New TV Switch Box, New Upgraded Atari RF Cable (better than stock supplied 7800 RF cable), New 7800 Pole Position II Cartridge with Owners Manual and New 7800 system Owners Manual. CX7800-RE $79.95


(quite high if you ask me)

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Atari Master...


Occasionally...and I mean...very rarely occasionally...I will see bare bones 7800 systems for around 20 bucks here locally. However, better looking ones with games can be had on Ebay for around the same mark. I know your against Ebay...but for some items if you want it now...at a decent price, Ebay is the only way.


I haven't seen one of those bare bones 7800 systems in well over 4 months. So if it were me...I would put the add in the paper or thrifty nickel may be cheaper...and go that route. Or keep looking at local garage sales, thrift stores...etc...or get one off Ebay. Had I an extra system I might be willing to part with but I don't even have a backup for my primary that I use.

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I just remembered: TRACK DOWN GUNSTAR. Last I remmeber hes got a 7800 that hes been tryin to sell for ages. He m ighta sold it by now, and im sure he can give you a better description of the system, but I know its more than just bare bones.. Id track him down like a bloodhound if i was you.

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Hey, Atari Master I can probably get one for you from someone at my school. I know around 8 to 10 people at my school that would be willing to sell one for 20 to 30 dollars, no one collects those type of things at my schol, so it will probably be pretty easy to buy one from them.

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