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HSC1 R26: Jungle Hunt


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Well everyone, I feel about this big (.) right now. I just sat down for a casual game, not even attempting a high score, & I managed 17,480 on Advanced.


I feel really stupid. devwebcl, I apologize PROFUSELY for jumping to a conclusion. I believe you. The "Native/congrats" screen turns from green to blue, & the following level has a bluish-purplish background.


I drew a conclusion from circumstantial evidence. I was wrong- VERY wrong. I'm sorry.


Punish me as you will- I deserve it. :sad:


PS> Interestingly, in a subsequent (low-scoring) game, there were NO monkeys on the vines during an advanced game.

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& aren't the "Advanced" backgrounds supposed to be green, while beginner & regular are blue? (at least on the actual 800XL)


Look, I know I'm beating this to death, & I have no chance in winning it all, but I smell a cheater here, folks.


Prove me wrong & I'll sit out the next 5 games/weeks.



sorry, but you are wrong, it's a different color, but when you save the girl and start over a new game it changes the background color to pale blue.


anyway dont get away for 5 games, we need each player to get better scores in every contest, so lets keep playing.



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