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Man Goes Down Label Contest


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"An unidentified man, wearing a green striped shirt, plummeted out of the window of the AtariAge building downtown this morning."


...and that's about all I can make out from the screenshot. Care to fill us in on the rest of the story? I gotta hear how it turns out now. :D


Cool idea, btw.

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Sure, and thanks! :D


"An unidentified man, wearing a green striped shirt, plummeted out of the window of the AtariAge building downtown this morning.


Startled onlookers remarked that the man had been riding a skateboard while attempting to hold onto several pieces of fruit.


During his fall, the man was heard to say “I feel strange”, “Phew, that was too close!” and “Ah, missed it!” Some people alleged that he may have been eating hallucinatory mushrooms.


Witnesses reported hearing others shouting at the man as he fell. Cries of “Awesome, dude!”, “May the fruit be with you!”, and even “You suck!” came from the crowds.


The man might have been attempting to save himself, as he made several futile attempts to grab at a heli-pack that was perched on one of the many ledges he flailed at as he went by.


The man’s whereabouts are currently unknown, since he seemed to just vanish into thin air at the end of his fall. Authorities are concerned that other people may attempt to copy the man’s stunt, and are currently in the process of posting additional security around nearby fruit stands."


And on the bottom of the page:


"In a related story, the financial sector was rocked when the prices of mangoes similarly plummeted to record lows.


Analysts speculate that either investors are confusing the headline in the above story with the stock price of mangoes, or they finally realized they have no idea what a mango actually is, and have no interest in buying them."


(It's actually readable when printed out on my Epson inkjet - just very tiny.)

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Posted four more labels, one from Eric Rose, and three from Laura Baginski, Owi Mahn, and Alexander Glaser. Also replaced Brett Gladson's entry with an updated label.


Man Goes Down Label Contest: Submissions


We're up to 35 submissions so far, and like other contests preceding this one, I can see it's going to be difficult to choose a winner! Keep up the great work, everyone!



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I have posted the final five submissions, all from Justin J. Scott. You can check them out by looking at the contest submissoins here. Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit one or more entries for the contest! A total of 41 entries were received and I know it's going to be difficult for Alex to choose only a single label from all the great entries received!



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Nathan's 10th one is hilarious! I love it!




The small print is kind of illegible, though - care to enlighten us, Nathan?


There were so many great entries this time, I don't know how Alex will choose.


My own design never made it off of paper thanks to an all-too-friendly virus that confined me to bed all day Sunday. Here I thought I was being pro-active by doing a dozen sketches before touching the computer.

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  • 3 weeks later...



Happy New Year everyone!!!


Right, Christmas out of the way, back from trip to Amsterdam for new year :twisted:, brain starting to function a bit more normally...



We have a winner! Nathan Strum wins the Man Goes Down label contest with his newspaper design!!! (#10) :):):)





It wasn't at all easy choosing a winner. (Sorry I took so long.) I'm totally honoured by the amount of time and effort you've all put into my little contest. Cheers everyone!


Right, I'd better get the rest of the game done...


Congratulations Nathan and thanks again to everyone for taking part.



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You seem to have the golden touch when it comes to contests around here lately, Nathan. Congrats on another fine label design. I think it's safe to say it's well-earned and you probably worked harder at it than anyone else since almost 25% of the entries came from you.


And congrats to Alex and AtariAge for sponsoring another fine contest. It continually amazes me the kind of quality talent these AtariAge contests regularly attract.

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