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Gunfight Label Contest!


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Three more labels have been added to the Gunfight Label Contest page. These are:


- Jeff Rogers - Submission #4

- Len Charest - Submission #1

- Len Charest - Submission #2


That brings the total up to...32! Remember, the contest ends at midnight tonight, so if you have any labels lurking around in your head, time to get them done and submitted!



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I just added and updated a slew of Gunfight Label entrants. You guys are keeping me busy, that's for sure!!


- David Exton - Submission #3

- Jeff Rogers - Submission #5

- Jeff Rogers - Submission #6

- Luis David Meneses Macchiavello

- Garon Grainger

- Efren Ramirez - Submission #2

- Len Charest - Submission #1 (updated)

- Len Charest - Submission #2 (updated)

- Chris Johnson (updated)


Phew! I also saved ALL the images with considerably less compression so they're a bit sharper than they were before, with less JPEG artifacting. They may take a little longer to load, but it's definitely worth it. Any images your browser has cached you may want to reload.






PS: 38 Labels so far, with less than two hours to go..

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Thanks for the kind words. My personal favorite entry is Jason Parlee - #1, although if memory serves a very "Clint Eastwood"-like figure was already used on a classic cart - maybe Outlaw pic label.


I just checked- yes and no. It's really not similar. We could have taken a lot of inspiration from the picture-label Outlaw cart. It's really got a lot of action.

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Hey guys, thanks for the permission from those who've okayed it. One thing though, I don't know who "Jeffooze", "Lost Monkey" or "ATARIPITBULL" are, so I can't match nicks to labels.


Oh, and Lost Monkey, don't worry -- the images won't end up on anything other than 2600 Connection. Charmin stiffed me on the last image I tried to sell them. ;-)

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Not to downplay the other contributions or to influence the final decision, but I simply LOVE Matthew Vigor's label design. It would be THE slickest looking Hozer Game label for an original game. In fact, it makes me want to buy Gunfight just so I can have the cartridge. I'm seriously thinking about buying the cart now from Hozer if his label is selected, and I had no intention originally to do so.



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