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3DO Capcom Fighting Controller


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I think I'll try and find a Gamepad 6, Fighting Sword, or Rock 3.


the fighting sword isnt easy to find

the gamepad6 is :)

The Rock3 used to be sold on ebay from vglq.com for $50, oh and it has a plug in for a SNES controller, i sold my extra one to breakpack on atariage, but i cant remember what his thoughts on the controller was


madcatz has a 6 button 3do controller as well


and the 3Dzero is for SNES controllers only


but my best one has to be my MAS arcade stick for the 3DO


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Holy crap! That's one odd looking accessory.  No wonder the guy trying to sell it to me when pressed for more details just descibed it as a six button controller. Yeah, I think I'll keep looking. Thanks.  Maybe I'll try the 3Dzero
If I recall, the pictured pad was an officially-licensed Capcom product.

Design intent was that you'd have your left hand holding the pad entirely, leaving your right hand free to play it arcade style(or something vaguely resembling it) with your hand above the buttons so you could smack them all at once 3-finger style.

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but my best one has to be my MAS arcade stick for the 3DO


Oh, maaaaan... I think we're going to need a cleanup on aisle seven here! I can only imagine how good 3DO games play with that monster sized joystick. Can you switch the positions of the X and PAUSE buttons with that? For some insane reason, Super Street Fighter II Turbo uses PAUSE for attacks and X to start games, rendering nearly every six button controller for the 3DO but their own Soldier Pad useless for that game.



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heh i think i played street fighter maybe once to test it out, and i didnt even know about the pause, because i never read the manual and i usually find like 2 moves and stick with them :D

the pause button on the arcade controller is the button with the black line on it so it would be easier to hit that then the hand controllers tiny little thin button :)


the capcom controller is comfortable in the hands just takes a few to get used to it, its not that rare but they do seem to be a popular seller, i think i paid around $12 for mine


@crveatch - yeah thats my washing machine, how else would you control the machine? ;) plus the flood light above it helped out with my picture taking back when i had a crap wal mart $40 camera

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  • 18 years later...

An old mystery and finally an answer.. 

These aren't MAS controllers or even clones... These were made by a company called "Japan Games" in California. They are American made products and from what I know...., these may predate the MAS controllers. The Company still exists and has been around for 50 years now. 


With help I found their magazine ads:

I also found their FB page:

These are extremely rare and hard to find. They made them for the Sega Genesis and even the NES. A lot of people mistake these for MAS controllers but after some research they definately are not MAS controllers :)

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10 hours ago, str0m said:

The Capcom ones are joypad controllers as in Lemmi's post further up, I have 2 of them. Your stick in the other thread looks good

I am referring to the MAS stick ...  Like JP Games, they were often B2B businesses so MAS having Campcom logos etc isn't the focus here. It is who made these... MAS seems to have arrived in the late 90's while JP games has ads as early as 1993. The interesting thing is, I am finding evidence that MAS may actually have originated from JP games itself.. Meaning that the two companies may be directly related or owned by the same people. 

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