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Any Hackers interested in Hacking Punch-Out?


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To start, and reference, a particular Strong Bad E-Mail: E-Mail #117 "Montage"



Once the e-mail has finished, click "Strong Bad" for some extra content.


This extra content is one of those rare, extremely crackheaded ideas that simply cries out for realization, that being a Punch-Out hack in which you play as a stack of pancakes. Think of it... Punch-Cakes! Or uh.. Pancake-Out! Stacks of Fury? Something.


A savvy hacker with some time on his hands might not only be able to replace the Little Mac sprite sets with fighting pancakes and the trainer into a Strong Bad, but perhaps even change some opponent sprite sets to other characters. Imagine a Strong Mad instead of Soda Popinski, a King of Town instead of King Hippo, a Coach Z instead of Great Tiger (that's his name, right?), Pom Pom instead of Bald Bull, and at the end... Bubs!


So if any of you are looking for a project, give that one some thought. It'd be ... beautiful, in some way. Or just a colossally awesome hack and/or waste of time.

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Actually, NES pallette changes can be done just by a search/replace of the hex code, since each pallette is grouped in four colors.


I actually had the same thought for a minute there too, until I realized that the Little Mac sprite is too skinny and there's no possible way to attach a pair of boxing gloves to a wagon of pancakes. :P

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