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Sega Genesis and other system hacks?


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I know this is generally about Atari hacks here, but I figure some of you would have more of a clue than I do.


I want to hack the Sega Genesis version of NHL 98, and I'm looking to see if anyone already has done this to any degree. I've done some googling, but the closest I've found is some sites about NHL 94.


Even if you don't know anything particularly about NHL 98, maybe you could still point me to some good forums that discuss game hacking in general, or specifically for the Genesis? I could try asking there.



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Search UseNet or the BitTorrents for the complete GoodGen archive. The Good archives strive to assemble every last dump, hack, homebrew and tweak ever put out for the systems they cover (and if you're really off your rocker, you can collect every last documented bad dump and overdump as well). The latest GoodGen release is 2.05. It's a Windows program, though an enterprising linux user can get it to work with WINE. There are several different places you can download the GoodGen and other Good database packages. Google Is Your Friend.


Actually, if you want, shoot me a PM and I'll look through my collection tonight to see what hacks I have of NHL '98. I have almost all of the latest GoodGen set.

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Can anyone answer this? I know some people want to hack NHL games to match current players and stats because the newer EA NHL games suck.

Hey, just happened to look in this sub-forum, and see my post has resurfaced :)


I have found some info on this. Check out these links:






I also bought a flash cart so we can play on the real hardware.

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I dug it out of my GoodGen set the other day and took a quick look at it in a hex editor. The good news is that I saw a bunch of player names near the beginning in plain ASCII text. So at least you won't have to figure out text compression like RPG hackers need to do. But it looks like the data is packed together such that you will have to be careful that your hack fits in the same space. Or you can maybe use the empty space at the end of the two megabytes and change some master pointer to the new team data.

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What's the best ice hockey game for Sega Genesis? Is it NHL 98 or NHL 96 or some other incarnation?

I'd say either NHL '94, or NHL '98. NHL '94 has a lot of fans, and is probably the most fondly-remembered of them all.


96-98 are basically the same game, with roster updates and some little extras included each year.

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