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Missile Command - Atari 8bit Hack


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Can't get the 5200 version to run on the real thing. :(


It keeps crashing, no matter how I store it in the eprom.






Hey Guys!


I really been out of touch for awhile :P Since, I really don't have time to fix/finish what I started, any volunteers? Or release the source code?


- Paul



I just recently ran across your enhanced Missile Command. It's a great effort. I'm just now really starting to get into 6502 Assembly programming on the Atari and I was wondering what tool(s) you used to reverse engineer the original?


Also, releasing even a portion of the source code for your enhanced version would be great. It would be a great learning tool for people such as myself. Heck, I might even be able to contribute.





I used dis6502 since it seemed to do a decent job. Next, I used atasm to compile the disassembled code. And after making all the necessary changes got it to compile exactly like the 8bit dump. Then, started making all the hacks! :D


Since I really don't have alot of time to make further changes (fix the 5200 version!), I'm gonna attach the current source code. My hope is that group/individual will continue this hack! (Just give me alittle credit :cool: ) Enjoy!


- Paul


Wow, thanks a million :D The code will be a great learning tool. I especially like the fact that it can be built for either the 5200 or the Atari 8-bits. This will be most useful in learning the differences between the two.



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Paul has just released an A8 cartridge image (16K) of Missile Command+. Works great on both my 800 and 800XL.


BTW, Paul's a great guy! I simply asked him if he was considering a cartridge version. A day and half later he had it knocked off!


How nice is that?


Here's the update.


Thanks for the kind words. At least you got me to do some fun coding for a few minutes than looking/working with crappy code at work.


- Paul

You are welcome, Paul, and thank you for the source code! As someone already mentioned, "a great learning tool".


It's much more fun for a newbie like me to play with existing code than to try to write from scratch.

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