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New 7800 owner can't get Atari cartridges into his console.


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Yeah, I just got my Atari 7800 yesterday, and it seems I can't fit any 2600 carts made by Atari (or homebrew games fitted with Atari shells) into the console, because the built-in dust shield on the cartridges won't open. The right plastic tab on the system's connector appears to be broken off, perhaps being the reason why it's not opening the shields. Is there some way to remedy this problem, or am I out of luck until my CC2 arrives?

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..a couple of taps with one of these would get that little sumbitch in there.




Sorry...couldn't resist!


I think your screwed...maybe check ebay or post in the marketplace to see if someone has an otherwise non-working unit and just swap the casing. With the amount of people here who tinker with these units, there's bound to be a few who have something laying around...

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My 7800 is the one with no expansion port and it seems to be able to support all shapes & brands of carts 2600 & 7800 with no problems at all.

Here are some games I play regualrly.


Demon Attack - IMAGIC

Ice Hockey - Activision

Frogger 2 - Parker Bros.

Astroblast - M-Network

Ms. Pacman - ATARI

Spider Maze - K-Tel

Smurfs - Coleco


I think that covers near all the different companies of games I play and they all work fine on my system.

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Heh... my M Network carts pop out of the 7800 whenever I try to put them in. Of course, that doesn't really mean anything, since my copy of Frogs and Flies pops out of my woodgrain all the time. Man I hate M Network carts. Anyway, the console I have supports all the "trouble" games by Activision with no problems, so I'm not interested in replacing it with another one. I'll be attempting to order a catalog from Best Electronics shortly, though I loathe their disorganized website.

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I've expanded a few quite nicely using a heat gun from the inside of the shell. You have to have a lot of patience and caution though otherwise youll melt the shell or warp it beyond repair. Benefit is if you pull it off you wont be able to tell that you modified it in any way i.e. sandpaper, cutting, etc.

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