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Mental Kombat Label Contest!


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/features/MentalKombat/Time to fire up your favorite drawing program again! Since it worked so well the first time around, we figured it was time for another label contest. The subject this time is Simon Quernhorst's Mental Kombat. Mental Kombat is a two player puzzle game based on a concept originally developed by Simon and a friend for the Commodore 64. As with our first label contest, the winner of this contest will receive the first copy of Mental Kombat, numbered #01 and signed by Simon. For more information about the contest and how to enter, please check out the Mental Kombat Label Contest Page. Good luck!
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Best wishes to you Simon.


Hope you receive as high-class entries as I did.


I surely won't submitt an entry though...


(Guess why I started a conntest to find a label for my game... )


Say, do you need anyone to playtest the BIN? I'd do a top-secret & secure job in case




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I will take some non-loss screenshots (.bmp) of the game and mail them to Al. He'll post them on the MK-development page afterwards...


I'm looking forward to all entries for this label-contest and hope to be able to finish the binary of MK within december.


BTW: This is my first post to this messsage-board. Posting this message just brought back memories of calling the C64-BBSes back then using my 2400 Bits/second-modem... ;-)

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Wow! The first three entries are great! I really liked that idea with the brains in the bottles. :-)


My worst nightmare seems to come true: choosing the winner out of all the amazing entries... ;-)


BTW: Is someone able to supply me with a Supercharger or something else to test the binary on a real machine? I want to see it myself on the real 2600 when the game works perfect in z26. I'm told that some bugs may only appear on the original machine. Please contact me via eMail. Thanks!


Simon Quernhorst



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