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You are now officially missing 2 rarity 9 carts.


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See Monster's not hard to come by.


Then you can easily show me the box for this game, right? :ponder:


I've never seen a Puzzy box PAL or NTSC and am not convinced they even came in boxes. Are you saying you have one?


I only know of one person who owns a NTSC Puzzy box, that's rare if you ask me.

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I traded mine last year on the basis of the earlier rarity rating :?


I know a few people with them here in Toronto,

who'd trade with me but I didn't care as it wasn't as rare back then apparently...


Guess I'm going to have to get one from them now that it's a 9 :D









How do I back that up? Try 6 years of hunting down carts.  :D  


These make Waterworld look like a rarity 5.  :roll:

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