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as we were talking about perry rhodan, i thought i let you know a little info about the ITT games ....


they had a perry rhodan serie (comming in vinylcases or boxes, 2 styles) using illustrations from the perry rhodan books, done by Johnny Bruck.


here a listing with the carts and their respective illustration:



Laser Base (PR-1103)

Cosmic Town (Atlan-607)

Fire Birds (PR-852)

Meteor Defense (PR-974)

Alien's Return (PR-1129)



i managed to get all 5 books, plus i even have a second complete set availble for trade, in case there's any special PR-fans over here




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ok here we go ... i felt like this was my job.


ITT carts:


following carts were released:


# Hell Driver

# Mountain Man

# peter penguin (from the pumukl series, but actually the only released title)

the perry rhodan series:

# Laser Base

# Cosmic Town

# Fire Birds

# Meteor Defense

# Alien's Return


that's a total of 8 released carts. you'll find wilma wanderer and pumukl 1 in some wantlists, but these are titles that were never released, and the existance of protos has never been confirmed.


and here's some Hi-Res picts:


ITT Hell Driver, Mountain Man & peter penguin (the rarer titles)


the perry rhodan series and their respective novel-covers:

Laser Base

Cosmic Town

Fire Birds

Meteor Defense

Alien's Return


ITT regular box (front)

ITT regular box (back)


ITT vinylPack (front)

ITT vinylPack (back)


ITT Manual


ITT sticker from the highscore club



the pics are all about 500k-1 Mb, so 'click with care', it's more for Al to download. i'll be taking the pics off in a few days again ...



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