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Double Breakout Renaming Contest - Winner Chosen!

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Many of you may be aware of the ColecoVision homebrew game Double Breakout, by Daniel Bienvenu. Unfortunately, we had to remove Double Breakout from the AtariAge Store several months ago on request from Atari, since the name "Breakout" infringes on Atari's trademark. As we did with JoustPong (which was also removed and then renamed to FlapPing), we plan on renaming Double Breakout so we can once again offer it for sale.


To that end, we are holding a contest to come up with a new name for Double Breakout! The new name will replace all references to Double Breakout on the label, manual, and box, as well as within the game itself. The name should be relatively short (probably not much longer than Double Breakout) so it can be easily worked into the printed materials and the game's menu. The name also needs to be original and not something that draws on any obvious trademarks.


Double Breakout contains three games,


1. Breakout: Daniel Bienvenu's first game for the ColecoVision, programmed in 1999

2. Breakout 2: A variation on Breakout with new features

3. DacPong: A hybrid game combining both DacMan and Pong (2 players)


We will be renaming all three of these variations, so please keep that in mind when selecting names for the overall package. For example, if you submit "Super Brickout", then we'd probably call the first two variations "Brickout" and "Brickout 2" and then come up with something for DacPong ("Pong" is also an Atari trademark). Feel free to submit names for the overall package as well as the three individual games contained within, but mostly we are interested in the name that will appear on the label, box and in the game itself.


The winner of this contest will receive a free copy of the game once it returns to the AtariAge Store. You should post your entries in this thread and have until 11:59pm on March 13th to get your submissions in. Daniel Bienvenu and I will then choose the winning name and announce it in this thread.


Good luck, and we look forward to all the names everyone will dream up!



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What about...


Barrier Breaker

Barrier Bursters

Barrier Busters

Barrier Brigage

Barrier Crushers

Barrier Crashers

Barrier Defense

Barrier Demolition

Barrier Escape

Barrier Raider

Barrier Smashers

Barrier Strikers


Or add "Super" the beginning of those.


Super Barrier Breaker

Super Barrier Bursters

Super Barrier Busters

Super Barrier Brigage

Super Barrier Crushers

Super Barrier Crashers

Super Barrier Defense

Super Barrier Demolition

Super Barrier Escape

Super Barrier Raider

Super Barrier Smashers

Super Barrier Strikers

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When Nunavut was in the process of separating from Northwest Territories, the remaining portion of Northwest Territories voted on a potential name change.


The top vote was to remain "Northwest Territories."


The second-place vote was to rename it to "Bob."


In that spirit, I propose naming the game "Bob."


You'd have Bob, Double Bob, and DacBob. Sweet.

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Brick Breaker

Brick Buzzer

Brick Bursters

Brick Crushers

Brick Demolition

Brick Escape

Brick Kick

Brick Raid

Brick Smashers

Brick Strikers

Super Brick Crusher

Super Brick Smasher

Super Brick Striker

Super Brick Raiders

Super Brick Demolition

Super Brick Escape

Super Brick Kick

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That Brick Game, or, courtesy of "Friends", The One with the Bricks and the Ball


Simply: Bricks


Is Wall Ball copyrighted? If not, that's a suggestion.


Arkanoid: Episode 1. I'm kidding.


Since there are three games, Breakaway III. But seriously...


A little jibe against the lawyers and one of Atari's other games: Up the Wall


And finally, Who Put This Wall Here?

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