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Double Breakout Renaming Contest - Winner Chosen!

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I know this may be pushing it but what about:


Outbreak, Outbreak 2 or Double Outbreak, and Dac-Outbreak.



I thought of a few more:


Blitz, MegaBlitz or Blitz 2, and DacBlitz

Barrage, Barrage 2, DacBarrage

Havoc, Ultimate Havoc, DacHavoc

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Congratulations to Neotokeo2001, whose name of Deflektor was chosen as the new name for Double Breakout! We'll start selling the game at the upcoming Oklahoma Video Game Expo (next weekend!), and Neotokeo2001 will receive a free copy of the game for his winning entry. The overall package is to be called Deflektor Kollection, with the three individual games as:


Deflektor I

Deflektor II



If you scroll to the bottom of the following page, you can see what the new box sleeve looks like, as well as some screenshots from the game:


AtariAge at OVGE: New Games


Thanks for everyone who took the time to suggest new names!



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