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Supercharger conversion hacks...

Nukey Shay

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This game has an odd scanline count. 267 on the title screen and 270 in-game. There's also a jitter when starting a new game (probably due to the countdown timer running out too quick).


First things first:

I switched the controls from using paddle(2) to paddle(0). Then, I increased the blank scanline count on the title screen by 3 (to make both screens match), killed off a few WSYNC's during the VBLANK period (saving 10 bytes at the start of the binary). Grabbed the 2 tables (10 bytes) at the end of the rom and moved them up top. That left it at @265 scanlines + Supercharger compatability. The Score font was 9 points, so I reduced it to 6 to come up with the remaining 3 scanlines.


Both screens now @262 :) The jitter still needs to be fixed tho.


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Not in that one. It's just a straight disassembly.


This one includes sunset gfx for the first 2 screens, and also includes the Colecovision's "no dress" glitch (tho it currently happens at the wrong time). By sharing data tables and trimming out redundancy, I was able to save over a page of romspace in each bank for possible later additions.


However, there's a slight glitch present in the hillside kernal (one column of pixels are erratic when you are on the lowest spot).

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Added ram isn't the main problem (since a program could -theoretically- be recoded to work with the Supercharger's method of ram storage instead).

Omega Race and it's DC hack are over 6k...the maximum segment size for a Supercharger game.

These hacks were made for the sole purpose of allowing 4k games to work with unmodded hardware (and maybe to fix additional bugs along the way...such as scanline count variances). The only addresses that are treated as ram are the native ram addresses within the 2600 console itself. They should work on all 2600 hardware/emulators whether the Supercharger is supported or not. This is easily fixed by removing any access to rom addresses $xFF8 and up...because that is the address that the Supercharger uses to signal a 2k ram swap.

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Nope...I renamed the title of the thread since all of them here (except that one) are SC conversions ;) Smurfs will not work on a Supercharger.



3 more conversions:

Beat'em & Eat'em (add'l color added as well) UPDATED -> click

Custer's Revenge (in-game NTSC/PAL palette select added as well)



NOTE: Original Mystique games use a checksum routine to determine if a rom's contents have been altered (if so, the program goes into an endless loop). This routine is removed in the hacks.



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Parker Brothers' Qbert...

In this one, I added color/shape for the reserve lives. Reserve lives clipping also corrected. All data tables moved to the end of the rom. Sound distortion for "Coily" may need correction?



Definately needs a correction. Also on the todo list is to correct the display if the player is hit on the lowest block (this glitch is present in the original as well)...and possibly scrape up enough space to add the missing flying enemy.


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Qbert update...

I corrected the original display bounce when the player is killed on the rightmost block. This was done by just skipping the enemy sprite pointer bump when standing on that block (the enemy sprite is used for the "!#?" curse).


Additional hack:

I added a flicker routine when the player is standing near the top...so that the score is always shown. This seems to work OK...however a slight screen bounce happens when Coily is on-screen (however, this could be due to the iffy framecounter I had to add). This bug does not affect the scanline count, and I'm still trying to track it down...in addition the the sound distortion problem mentioned earlier.


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