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Supercharger conversion hacks...

Nukey Shay

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Cathouse Blues & Gigolo:

I don't know a whole lot about the $ system in these "adult" games...but here's SC-compatable versions anyway.


Use B&W to toggle PAL60 (7800 compatable), and left difficulty to control how many lives are lost in mugger attacks (easy = 1, hard = all). Either joystick can be used.



Remember the rooms where the 7 target characters go to. Pick up some money at the front desk (?...this must be done before you are allowed into rooms). Then enter one of the rooms. If you picked a wrong one, one that had already been entered, or had no "desk money" left, the police will try to track you down. They may also chase you if you are using the firebutton to sprint. You are taken to jail and lose a chance if caught.

If a valid room was chosen, the "x-rated" part of the game begins - whack your stick up and down to make your dough ;) Completing all 7 rooms starts over with a new set.

Periodically, the mugger will leave the "jail" and try to kill you. It seems this behavior is disabled if you can reach the jail in time* (or just wait it out until he returns on his own). In the original game, all chances are lost if he catches you. This is selectable in the hack. The annoying game over sound effect is present in the original games...and was not changed here.


* anyone confirm?


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Some updates...

Custer's Revenge still had a possibility of crashing the SC due to an RTS at $xFF7. This has been fixed. As before, use the B&W switch to toggle PAL60 mode.


Dark Cavern's Game Reset screen corruption has been -almost- completely removed...only 2 scanlines added now. PAL60 and Black background versions included.



Difficulty switches implemented: use difficulties to handicap a player. When in "A" position, bullets will be deducted twice as fast as you shoot. Ducks still eat the same amount tho. There is a slight glitch if GAME SELECT is used during the demo game screen (immediately after powering up) that may add a scanline for a short period...use Game Reset first to avoid.




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Wow, here is my kudos on all this... this is really getting my interested to getting my Supercharger working with a 2600. I used to wonder why bother when I had a 7800 and CC2, but this is actually getting me interested.


Would love to learn how to disassemble games...looking at the source to cathouse was interesting. :D


So first, I seen these are bins. What is the best way to convert these to wav files and is there a Mac app? I know once we have wav files iTunes can convert these to mp3's and from there I can put them on my mp3 player. :D

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I have zero experience with actual SC hardware (the same goes for Macs), so I couldn't tell you with any reliability. I know that Makewav and Wplaybin exist for the Windows and Linux platforms, but it looks like Mac users are limited to an OS9-compatable version of Makewav...if that helps.




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Easy. Thomas already made a complete reverse-engineered disassembly that is very well commented...so all I needed to do was save 4 bytes in it (a 4-byte table exists in the hotspot locations, so once free space is made move it outta there).


ScoreTab was a prime candidate, because it begins with 4 zeros that are not shared in the original game. Just below it are bitmaps of the sprites...many of them using zeros. So I just grabbed the Scoretab table and moved it to the end.


At the end of the bitmaps were 2 bytes that were never used (each bitmap = 12 bytes). Swapping HouseA and HouseB came up with the other 2...that are now shared with ScoreTab.


Because an RTS that exists at $FFF7 can indirectly trigger a hotspot, I also moved ROM-TABLES(Part 5) to the end of the subroutines.



NOTE: The disassembly as been altered to work on older versions of Dasm (which had a problem with -1's and ~'s). I never trusted Align's, so these have been commented out and replaced with ORG's :)


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Thanks for River Raid. Your mods are really expanding the number of good 4k games that we can use with the Supercharger.


I have a question about the modified Atlantis you posted a while back. Seems to have some sound issues. You know the sound the enemy ships make when they're laser-ing the city? That noise is constant in the modded version. You hear it even when the ships aren't laser-ing. Is that a bug or feature?

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A bug...thanks for the headsup! Modified files put in the post (on page 2).





NTSC and PAL60 versions of Malagai...


NOTE: the difficulty is reversed in this game (B=harder). This aspect is present in the original game, and not changed here.


Edited by Nukey Shay
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NTSC & PAL60 palette selection added via B&W switch (7800-compatable). Colors have been altered slightly so that SECAM works too.


The assembly file includes an option to disable the easter-egg - in the original game, the computer is allowed to pick double-9's when no moves are valid and chips are in the bar. The player is never allowed to do the same.



BTW here is the delay logic for the computer's turn...

   jsr	LF3A5				  ;6
   jsr	LF829				  ;6
   lda	$E5					;3
   cmp	#$3C				   ;2 wait for 1 second
   bmi	LF36E				  ;2



You could make the computer quicker by replacing the bottom 2 lines. For example...

	   and	#$20				   ;2 wait for 1/2 second
   beq	LF36E				  ;2




Pic of Backgammon's easter-egg...



Edited by Nukey Shay
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Parker Bros' Frogger:

7800-compatable palette selection added. Luckily, the sprite copies used for the rightmost home frogs had the upper 2 bits free (and SWCHB was already being stored). So I used those 2 free bits to utilize 7800 autodetection and flippy bit.


I had a lot of space left over (with even more yet unclaimed), so I added a "squish" animation, varying colors for the lifebar, and an alternate color for the 2nd player's score.


Edited by Nukey Shay
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Deadly Duck...


A previous version was made that still had the possibility of crashing. Corrected here. Half of a page of free romspace if somebody wants to take a stab at a palette-select hack.



EDIT: incorrect binary submitted...here's the working one:


Edited by Nukey Shay
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Star Wars - Jedi Arena (NTSC currently)




And some edits to older files not previously posted to this thread...


M.A.S.H. - NTSC and PAL60 versions.


Spiderman - NTSC and PAL60 versions.

Reflect animation and white web color added. Scanline count corrected.




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