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Supercharger conversion hacks...

Nukey Shay

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You're almost there (finished them all), Nukey. IIRC didn't Kool Aid Man do some funky repositioning that some Atari Jr's didn't like?



Anyhow keep up the good work. You should also consider putting all the latest versions of the roms into one zip file, and then attaching it to the first post of the thread. It would be very convenient. ;)



I will convert all these to WAV once they're finished and I'll post them as Volume II... and yes, please DO put them all in one zip file so I can make the set complete from the first volume.

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I still have a ways to go (to check all non-hack/pirate 4k roms)...but I can do that once finished.



Due to the palette color change when making a PAL60 version, I dicovered that the wolf's line of breath became the same color as the background...which makes it look better IMO (i.e. less like a tongue shooting out when destroying bricks). So I hacked a change for the NTSC version as well.

Not much I can do about the sunset, tho (this is subtracted values to create the shifting color...which runs in order for NTSC but not for PAL). I just shifted it from blue to green instead.


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Original game uses 272 visible scanlines. Timer reduction bumped that down to 264, and I cut the score font down 2 points to get it down to 262. An audio data table (called indirectly) exists on the last page extending all the way to the end of rom...which crashed the Supercharger. A sprite repositioning subroutine was placed just before it (between the font data and audio). Moving the subroutine elsewhere solves that problem.


No PAL version made.


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Strategy X


Another jumpy game...displaying 266 scanlines when the logo is up, and losing 2 scanlines when it switches to the score. Pressing reset also messed up the timers (since it reinitialized all ram). All of these issues corrected for a steady 262 scanline display...but the lower portion of the screen still bumps around a bit.


NTSC and PAL60 versions:


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Original game uses near-identical repositioning routines near the end of ROM. 9 bytes were saved just by using a branch to jump from one to the other following those differences.


NTSC only



BTW from what I can see...Missile Control, Video Reflex, and Zoo Fun off the Stella CD should not crash the Supercharger...correct?


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Great work shay...!


I was thinking buying a Harmony card then I found this thread, It looks that with ALL the great work from shay It covers 99 percent of my favorite games...


I am using an old iRiver mp3 player (128 MB) as a source I have already about 120 games converted with lame to 320 bit rate (can I use lower ?)


where can I find a complete compatibility list for not modded supercharger ?





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