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Supercharger conversion hacks...

Nukey Shay

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I am positive they are out there. google your ass off. they may even be posted here, so search the AA forums


edit: I only have the mac version of makewav. but you actually do not need it as the bulk of the hacks have already been converted to mp3, check for posts on supercharger

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http://www.ftp.pigwa...r Mod/scmod.htm


edit, never mind that USED to have them. try archive.org to find old webpages


ahh, found it on pigwa by looking in previous directories... a LOT of stuff is in pigwa



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Casino: NTSC & PAL60 versions...


Have just checked this out and there seems to be a bug in the PAL60 version at least - in Game 1, player 2 will be booted out of the game after each deal - player 2 has to keep pressing the button to rejoin the game. Checked this against the original NTSC ROM and it automatically keeps player 2 each deal...

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Good catch! To save a byte, I reversed the order of loading in a routine...but I forgot to correct the branch logic:


      lda    $D4     ;3
      bne    LF751   ;2
;       lda    #$30    ;2 original lines
;       ldx    $ED     ;3
;       bne    LF751   ;2
;       lda    #$70    ;2
      lda    #$70    ;2
      ldx    $ED     ;3
      bne    LF751   ;2
      lsr            ;2

An LSR in this case nearly accomplishes the same thing as LDA #$30 (LSRed #$70 becomes #$38). Fortunately, the low nybble is stripped away just after this point, so the extra bit did not matter.


- however -


I forgot to change the branch logic.

That BNE instruction at $F74E should have been BEQ (since I'd reversed the order). The game should work right by changing byte $F74E to be $F0 instead of $D0 in both of the hacks.

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Just wanted to say thanks to Nukey Shay for all the hacks. I was playing with my Supercharger today and loaded some of these conversations for the first time. That is to say this is the first time I loaded something other than a Starpath game, and probably the first time I loaded a game on the Super Charger in at least a decade. I believe I bought the Supercharger at Toys R Us for about $10 or something back when it was on closeout. Might have been cheaper than that.


I downloaded the worship the woodgrain set, and would love to know of more mp3 files out there. So far my Supercharger is unmodified.

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NTSC & PAL60 palette selection added via B&W switch (7800-compatable). Colors have been altered slightly so that SECAM works too.


The assembly file includes an option to disable the easter-egg - in the original game, the computer is allowed to pick double-9's when no moves are valid and chips are in the bar. The player is never allowed to do the same.



BTW here is the delay logic for the computer's turn...

	   jsr	LF3A5				  ;6
	   jsr	LF829				  ;6
	   lda	$E5					;3
	   cmp	#$3C				   ;2 wait for 1 second
	   bmi	LF36E				  ;2

You could make the computer quicker by replacing the bottom 2 lines. For example...

and	#$20				   ;2 wait for 1/2 second
	   beq	LF36E				  ;2


Pic of Backgammon's easter-egg...


Cool that the guy who programmed Backgammon, Craig Nelson, went on to start the company who made the SuperCharger!

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Yahtzee: Large dice (hacked from TZ's "new random" version)


Also fixed the screen roll when reset is used.


EDIT: Added captions for dice held, roll #, and scoring. Font color used for background when moving through score lines. You can "shake" the dice for as long as you want by holding the trigger.


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