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Atari Flashback 2.0 now listed @ Gamestop...

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Now the big question is whether or not Atari's pulled through with a 2600/7800-on-a-chip or whether it's just another rehashed NES handheld.


With any luck they'll have listened to the less-than-stellar feedback and noticed the cheap eBay units being pawned off and gotten wise.

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Mindfield -

I can tell all for a fact - Nintendo NOT Inside ;-)



I am sorry but I had ta do this - so is it a Genesis inside then? :P


On a more serious level it sounds like quite a few people had their hand in this one and especially with a few of the comments posted I am very curious indeed! And also not to get my hopes up but this sounds like something that may become a "must buy" at some point.

I almost can't wait to find out!

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If there are homebrews inside, it pretty much concludes that the hardware is probably correct. It also means that the right people were at least consulted with if their games are in it. I'm eagerly awaiting it. It also means that the "classic" flashbacks will drop in price soon.

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Does this mean that I'd better quickly snatch up as many AtariAge VCS homebrews as I can because they are going to be pulled out of the store soon due to a possible agreement that a few homebrews are going to be in the new Flashback?


The reason I ask is because I missed out on Saboteur by only a few days and that was a major disappointment. I think there are probably a few of us here who would not want to miss out on anything like that again.

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I'm looking forward to seeing this next iteration of the Flashback. From what I know thus far, classic gamers are going to be much happier with this version than the first generation Flashback. This second generation Flashback has quite a bit of potential, and I can see myself owning several of them. :)



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