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Trying to hack Kaboom! (for the 5200)


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I want to try hacking Kaboom! for the 5200. I'm a total newbie at this and need some help... :?


My plan is to open the .bin in dis6502 and save the disassembly listing as an .ASM file. Then open the .ASM file in TextPad, manipulate it, and then reassemble using DASM. Does this plan seem correct?


Are there particular values I should set in the "assembler format" options in dis6502 so that the .ASM file will later be accepted by DASM?


Anybody already have a disassembly of Kaboom! for the 5200?

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It depends on what you are trying to do. I had never really thought about doing anything with the 5200 before, so I was curious and gave it a try. If you are only wanting to change graphics - I was able to change graphics with BitHacker without any problems. I would imagine all the other programs of that type would work too.

As far as disassembly, I tried using Distella. If you are looking for something easy to read, this ain't it. But it will recompile with DASM no problem.

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Thanks for the replies! :)


I've used BitHacker to change sprites before, but want to change the playfield and sounds in Kaboom!


I didn't know that Distella would work with a 5200 file, but the .ASM you posted reassembles just fine! Thanks again!

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