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Zimag - Emag

Rom Hunter

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Digital Press states that Pizza Chef was pirated by CCE and Emag.

That suggests that Emag is a different company.

The Fire Spinner (AKA Spinning Fireball) proto is also from Emag.


And I found this in an old list:


Emag GN-070 A Mysterious Thief (never released)

Emag GN-040 Cosmic Corridor

Emag GN-020 Dishaster

Emag Fire Bug

Emag GN-080 Fire Spinner (never released)

Emag GN-010 I Want My Mommy

Emag GN-060 Immies & Aggies

Emag GN-050 Pizza Chef

Emag GN-030 Tanks But No Tanks


Zimag 708-111 Cosmic Corridor

Zimag 711-111 Dishaster

Zimag 710-111 I Want My Mommy (KidStuff series)

Zimag Immies & Aggies

Zimag Pizza Chef

Zimag 707-111 Tanks But No Tanks


This also suggests that Zimag and Emag are different companies.



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I'm pretty sure they're one and the same. The "Emag" protos I had came in Zimag (and Vidco, which also appears to be related to Zimag: they had a Zimag title as pack-in with their Copy Set) cases.




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Looks like Spinning Fireball got renamned Fire Spinner (although I'd like to see a cart with that name).


If anyone has any idea how to play either Fire Spinner or Pizza Chef let me know. I've got them both worked out somewhat, but Pizza Chef is driving me nuts. Fire Spinner seems almost random in the controls, there must be something I'm missing.



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This is what I found out so far with Spinning Fireball:


When you keep pushing the joystick forward, the fireball starts to spin (clockwise if you're facing right).

If you then press fire, the fireball will fly in that direction.

If you are hit by your own fireball or a fireball coming out of the moving "box", you lose one of your three lifes.

I managed (pure luck) to hit the box with a diagonal aimed fireball: the screen changes into another (green) background setting and you get four minutes (instead of five) to hit the box.

It could well be that there are five screens (one minute to finish the fifth level).

I didn't get that far, because I had to shave a beard and remove some cobwebs...


The game is boring, to say the least.



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My personal record!


There are just two different screens.

I managed to get to the fourth screen (in which you get two minutes to hit the "box") and then I died.

You get points for time left when entering a new screen.




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Great!  Now figure out Pizza Chef....  :?  


Anyone have instructions from the CCE release?




While you guys are at it, can you find out what the purpose of Mr. Postman is? I haven't been able to figure out how to play that one beyond climbing up the vine without getting hit.

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Sku_u, Mr. Postman is actually quite playable.


Walk to the right and avoid the "bricks" falling from the bird.

When you reach the right side of the screen, climb up and avoid the "bullets" from the bird (tricky, but possible).

When you reach the top, jump into the vine and then drop on the bird: now you can fly and you will be transported to the second screen, in which you have to shoot the little birds and the "bricks" falling from the sky, while avoiding the lightning and the bricks.


If you clear three screens you will be transported to the last screen in which you have to fly carefully through a "maze" in order to reach the house on the right side, where you can deliver your mail.



Don't you like being a postman?






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About Pizza Chef:

It's a little bit like playing Swordquest with an Italian cook.


Personally I don't think this game is totally finished.

Some graphics look "marbled" (for example: the light blue graphics in the blue room).


What I noticed, is this:


If you pick up an object (cup, plate or cleaver) in the "mouse room" and walk to the "blue room", then you can pick up certain "symbols" or "ingredients" you couldn't pick up before.

If you can't find an ingredient that matches the object, simply re-enter the blue room.

After that you enter the "red room" and if you're lucky, you can "dissolve" one of the rectangles on the right side of the screen by pressing the fire button when you're standing near them.

If you're unlucky, you'll end up in "stair room" where you have to drop off the stair to throw away your ingredient in the "trash bin".

You walk up the stair by pressing fire when you're near a step (it took me a while to figure out).


You have twenty minutes to figure out the combination of how to make all the figures in the red room dissappear.

If you run out of time, the game is over and there are twenty five levels.

You can't die, but you can be "bothered" be colliding into a mouse, a waiter, a light blue graphic in the blue room or by falling of the stair.


Hope this helps, Tempest.

Good luck!


BTW: I really like the characters, but the "walking sound" is terrible.



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It's a little bit like playing Swordquest with an Italian cook.


Yeah that's what I figured. It was one of those 'figure out the right combination' games. Man I hate those...


This really helps me out alot, thank you! I'm going to start working on that page now.


BTW I *think* that blue room is supposed to be water or something. Maybe it's supposed to be a freezer and that's ice?


And yes that sound is VERY annoying... :)



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I had a brief look at the code. At least the combinations are not random. So, a good memory helps.  


And certain "topics" only fit to certain "tools


Yeah I was able to figure that out last night, but there must be some way to figure out which combo goes with which pot. It's insane to just try and guess your way through it. I wonder if we're missing something?



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