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Qb Label Contest!


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/features/Qb/index.htmlAtariAge is proud to announce a label contest for Andrew Davie's upcoming Qb Special Edition. Originally written for the Atari 800 back in 1984, Andrew ported Qb to the Atari 2600 in 2001, selling a small batch of 50 games at the 2001 PhillyClassic. The winner of this label contest will receive a Qb Special Edition, of which only 100 will be made. The Special Edition will be encased in a wooden box with rare Tasmanian wood squares, a CD including the source code, a comprehensive manual detailing the history of the game, and a serialized Qb cartridge adorned with the winning label. For more details about the Qb Special Edition, as well as all the information needed in order to enter the contest, please visit the Qb Label Contest Page.
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Great, I've been waiting for this one.

I am SO in!!


Oh hey!! Just checked the rules for this competition.

there was the bit about getting permission for copyrightable images (I'm not going down that road - don't worry)

Then there was the bit about 'use the Xype logo' as it appears on the Gunfight label.

hehe, I can tell you who has automatic copyright on that one But it IS Christmas - feel free to use it everyone I promise I won't sue

In fact - hang on - I'll post it.


[ 12-30-2001: Message edited by: liveinabin ]

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I'm about to submit my first two label versions (differing only in that one is a real shot of a TV displaying Qb and the other is a simulated image). I have used a label style quite similar in layout to the Gunfight label because it's being released under the XYPE name. I would love to hear what people think about that. Eg; should it be more similar, or less? Am I "ripping off" the Gunfight label, or am I being consistant across XYPE releases?

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As far as I know, I don't think the Xype 'range' is gonna have a definite design style. My Gunfight one, for instance, with the primary backg'nd and pic window, is a bit of a one-off.

feel free to use it of course (I probably will ), but i think the only constant here is gonna be Xypes logo (incidentally - you can either use that one or, like gunfight comp, something based around epyx logotype)

In any case, as this isn't strictly a 'first party' Xype game - as existing Qb owners will testify, I wouldn't wanna impose my scribbles on his great game

i think I'm right here, Manuel and Andrew? Please feel free to correct me if I'm way off


[ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: liveinabin ]

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Originally posted by liveinabin:

As far as I know, I don't think the Xype 'range' is gonna have a definite design style. [snip/snip]... but i think the only constant here is gonna be Xypes logo


I'm just looking for great design in the label. Feel free to 'bend the rules' a bit if you think you need to do so. The final design may have slight wording/position/art changes from what the winner submits - so the actual logo you use isn't that important.


What is important to me is the look/feel of your design, not the actual font or pixel position of elements. Of course those who go to greater efforts to get it all 'right' will have a greater chance of winning.


Above all else, have fun

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Oh Andrew, your little Qb guy there - is that his smiley mouth, or the shadow under his nose?

Just asking cause I wanna get it right before I get the paints out


Hmm, it could be the line defining his arm I guess too - now I'm confused.

This is why they gave Mario braces


[ 12-31-2001: Message edited by: liveinabin ]

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Hi there!


Great that this contest finally started.


As for the 'Xype' thing: It doesn't need to be the same as on the Gunfight cartridge and the cartridge doesn't have to use same or similar style as the Gunfight one.


Here's a second example, the label of Xype release #03, revamped by David Exton:






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I just made a few changes to the label requirements. First, the box with a serial number is no longer a requirement, that can always be added later. However, since the Qb cartridges are being made by Hozer Video Games, the label requires a Hozer logo on it, as well as the text, "Cartridge made by Hozer Video Games".


We've already received several label submissions--you guys are fast!! I'll get them online later this evening.



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I've just modified my first designs to add the Hozer stuff. It's really tricky modifying a completed design to add a new element. Adding several copyright notices, by-lines or other bits to a completed design may well be impossible to do without major changes. I assume any changes that need to be done to the winning design will be given to the original designer to do, and not just pasted over the submitted file...

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Originally posted by Mindfield:

I have one question.


Is Qb an egg?


I have no definite idea of what the guy is. He's a good example of programmer-art, squashed into 8 pixel width. In answer to an earlier question, it's a smile, not an arm or a shadow.


Basically you don't need to follow the visuals of the screen too closely - if you want to make it an egg, fine. If that works for your art. If you want to make it Darth Vader without the helmet, fine too. I'm trying to keep the design as completely unencumbered with my preconceptions as possible


In answer to the note/question about later additions of text, etc., and allowing the original artist to do this - I don't forsee a lot of changes. It's quite probable that the winner's artwork will be used as-is, without changes.


Can't wait to see some designs




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I've submitted a 6th, which will probably be my last (I'm sure Albert is breathing easier knowing that). Rest assured that the cartoon artwork is in fact royalty free clipart and I haven't suddenly gained an ability to draw.


I've used design elements present in the Thrust label, for much the same reason that I used elements from the Gunfight label. It's not because I'm lazy, but because a consistant look (known as "branding") is a major consideration in any enterprise. My base point of reference is that anyone should be able to pickup something produced by a person or company (that regularly produces stuff) and immediately know who it's by or from.


Does anyone here have any thoughts on branding?

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ehmmm, well, branding?


being graphic designer and former art director of an agency i surely know about branding.


but i think maybe marketing should be taken out of the homebrew section.


wasn't it marketing that splitted the atari team when it was bought from warner?


f*** copyrights! we're havin fun with 20 years old carts. making homebrew carts isn't a big deal, rather friendly timewasting for the gaming community. i don't think randy has a villa in the bahamas just from selling carts. and i haven't really heard of any hard offences against homebrew-programmers.


we should watch that our little homebrew-world doesn't interfer too much with that, and remains a great portion of fun, not limited through all the marketing and business restrictions ....

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