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looking for superdos 5.1 and Ultimon image(s)

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I am looking for a perfect working image of superdos 5.1 that will load/work on atari800win+, the versions that i seen seem to crash at sector 9 if used on the above emu)


I am also looking for Ultimon (not omnimon) o/s image (preferably the XE version) plus instructions for use with above emu.


Additionally i am looking for a version of supermon (HTT or other version) for use with the above emu, that traps the reset key (i.e. it doesn't cold start/boot like normal, plus i am also looking for instructions for this o/s replacement


Lastly I downloaded the files for Qmeg v4.x handbook, unfortunately it's all in german, i have copied all the text over to 1 complete file (ms word compatible), is there some kind soul out there that will convert the german instructions into english


I have tried babelfish, no good as it only allows you to translate upto 150 words, and i dont have the time to keep counting out and copy/pasting over 150 words each time, so if there's someone out there that can convert the file for me, i'd much appreciate it


As i am looking to use qmeg v4.x with both atari800win+ and atari++, is qmeg able to create binary files from memory or disk sectors (i.e you load in some disk sectors in to memory, and write out a binary file, like you can do with omnimon, any ATR image and mydos combo)


Also looking for instructions for speedy o/s or speeder plus


Again, any help re: the above is greatly appreciated

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I am looking for a perfect working image of superdos 5.1




I'm not sure if you already found this version. I can't say whether it works on any emulators, but I've recently been using this copy on real floppies.


I had never used SuperDOS in the day... never heard of it until recently. It's a really sweet DOS, isn't it? It's very fast with the US Doubled 1050 and it understands enhanced density.


Mind if I toss a couple of questions/comments out there? (I was planning on starting this topic, but I'll just piggyback yours.)


I can't seem to get SuperDOS to recognize the Indus drive. Is that normal? It won't even produce an error. It just makes one CHIRP and then whirs endlessly.


When formatting, it asks "Y" to format skewed sectors. What are skewed sectors?


Sometimes, when I do a load, it says "Y" to destroy program data. That's an odd statement. Sounds scary! But, it doesn't always give me that prompt. Any idea why?


Anyway, I hope this version works for you. :D



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